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01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Player Statistics

# Player T Pts TA LB TB OFF Ta MT IT Pos DR K KM M E P

How did Ken Maumalo and Toafofoa Sipley go?

  • Ken Maumalo - Great

  • Ken Maumalo - Good

  • Ken Maumalo - Passable

  • Ken Maumalo - Below average

  • Ken Maumalo - Should never play NRL again!

  • Toafofoa Sipley - Great

  • Toafofoa Sipley - Good

  • Toafofoa Sipley - Passable

  • Toafofoa Sipley - Below Average

  • Toafofoa Sipley - Should never play NRL again!

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Far North Forever

Pretty obvious the Roosters were coached to slow it down and play offside all game, almost worked, but they are a shadow of a team they once were. Ken's a beast but his lack of pace will suck his confidence when he comes up against quality wingmen every week, but still better than Wright. Obviously Isaac took on more responsibility re. Kicking, organising etc which came unstuck a couple of times but his running game is back baby. Simon usual outstanding game especially offensively. Tui hmmm reverted to 20s play when he shifted to 6 i.e lateral running and arm grabbing D, needs to man up if he stays 6. Would of lost this game 4 weeks ago so we are kinda building stability, next week will be a real measuring stick as where we are at.


Next week , Warriors have to stop the Sharks
Will not be easy, but then surprises happen

up the guts

I`m a little worried about what will happen with Tui. He was going to be our 6, but then 15mins later Sheck got wrecked. Now hes our number 1. If Ata comes in and kills it at 6, and Sheck comes back to number 1, where will Tui fit? We have good depth for once, its going to make some decisions very difficult.
No 1 wisten ....opposite ashford ... kata wing ....Fusitua fullback .... eeeeaassssyy
I`m a little worried about what will happen with Tui. He was going to be our 6, but then 15mins later Sheck got wrecked. Now hes our number 1. If Ata comes in and kills it at 6, and Sheck comes back to number 1, where will Tui fit? We have good depth for once, its going to make some decisions very difficult.
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Don't know whether you see or hear it on TV but when he comes on the crowd at the park erupts.
Every time he hit it up there is a huge cheer from the crowd.
He isn't perfect but he gives it his best shot every game and and adds so much enthusiasm it must give the team a lift.

Mate you can hear it, I first heard the crowd go ape shit and straight away knew, here comes the GUBB


NRL 2016 - Round 15 - Warriors vs Roosters Post Match Discussion
NZ Warriors 12 vs 10 Roosters
Mt Smart Stadium

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Who was your MoM?
Did the team back up their performance against the Broncos and Knights?
Did Thomas Leuluai do well enough at 5/8?
Solomone Kata actually pass?
How did Ken Maumalo go?
Did we miss Jacob Lillyman?
What about Toafofoa Sipley?
Nathaniel Roache or Jazz Tevega?
Captain lead from the front?
Charlie Gubb improve his tackling technique?
Shaun Johnson still on a hot streak?
Bench effective?
Error rate kill us or save us?

Dont forget to rate the players...

Can't believe some of the questions posed here.
MoM - Mannering!
TL - FML, dude was only on for what ?... 20mins ???
Kata pass ???... has he ever ?... friggin beast though.
Ken played like Manu. Needed those metre eater numbers he delivered.
Miss Lillyman ?... not really. Fortunate to have Vete, Lisone & Sipley with Muts.
Sipley was the man for just his 2nd game.
Roache for sure. Covered the wing well enough but still can do whatever Jazz can and then some with the ball in hand.
Hoff did good.
Gubb - Don't know about improving his technique but the guy can tackle, so who cares.
Shaun Johnson, yes!
Absolutely, bench was great. Just unfortunate the injuries suffered disrupted the Coaches anticipation but the bench covered well.
Error rate - well lets just hope there's an improvement against the table topping Sharks.


Damn ugly win.. 2 points and off loads the only positives... Not convinced Tui is a Stand Off.
His knee heavily strapped, Johnson playing injured and he got put at standoff mid game due to crazy eyes injury, I would hardly say that was a good game to judge him accurately and fairly
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I`m a little worried about what will happen with Tui. He was going to be our 6, but then 15mins later Sheck got wrecked. Now hes our number 1. If Ata comes in and kills it at 6, and Sheck comes back to number 1, where will Tui fit? We have good depth for once, its going to make some decisions very difficult.
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck fullback, Fusi and lolo wings, beast not needed or use as impact back rower off the bench (can also cover for injuries), LoLo was awesome on wing , special finisher


Give Wells a run on the wing. Ata at 6 to see how he goes. Maybe after the Sharks game. To my mind, Lolo needs a full pre-season at 6, and then give him a go. In the meantime, Kata needs to talk to him about not passing and just running if he stays at 6.
Wells wouldn't give us 190m like mamalo, that is absolute madness, the team won so why change, Fusitua is special on wing, mamalo and beast other wing depending who is fit


As a fan I loved the game
because we won and tried hard, against a well coached Similar level bottom of table team who delivered everything we expected.....dirty tactics.... Dogged defence....hard edge up front....cynical Roosters winning strategy....straight out of the Sean Fitzpatrick, Richie Mc (don't know how to spell his name sorry...recent Unionist retired much banged on about between important league discussion on RS).

I digress here but....following on from what has been posted here about Rooster /Storm cheating, the moral of the both Union and league remains unchanged.....

*drum roll*

It does not matter what offensive tactics ( e.g. the boys need more fun at training let's throw shit around like a West Indian Cricket team....or a bunch of basketballers made famous for being too good to be allowed to beat whites).

Conversely it does not matter (as in the example of the Roosters) if your God Father owns a state of Australia and can assemble a club side that could defeat nations and win a World cup Vs ",the rest'.
What won that game was tackling.

The Chooks tackled really well....meaning their opponents were beatable in the 80th minute.

The Warriors best attempts to globe trotter it, netted only 12 points.

Defence wins games 12-10

That is the best thing that can be taken from this by:

trying to post complex solutions to " the Warrior problem is like selling snake oil.

The Warriors will only ever win consistently when they out defend teams, the Chooks showed, if u defend well against the Warriors they are beatable in the 79th minute.
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Boats n Hoes

Boats n Hoes

Think its all been said really

ugly as hell to watch
injuries and roosters spoiling game led to no fluency
issac was a mixture of good and not so good, his running game seems back on point though, he'd be better off thinking "run" first before trying something tricky
doubt we have the class to match the sharks, but our attitude is 1000 percent better than it was
i'd take SKD and JWH in a heartbeat, probably 2 best players on the park

finally, when are teams going to learn. you don't rush Shaun Johnson on the last tackle! your just opening yourself up to the step, or a dummy. there's no one more dangerous, or who consistently opens teams up on the 5th tackle like Shaun Johnson (maybe he should treat every play like its the last)

oh, and I shudder to think where we'd be without Mannering
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Maumalo went OK but I'd rather have a winger in the mould of Joseph Manu, not huge but big enough not to get steamrolled and with enough skill and express speed to be a proper winger. He gassed Ken on that disallowed try.
Sure he beat Ken to the ball but it's easy to overlook a turn and chase, even the quickest aren't going to turn and get there compared to a straight runner.


Happy to take the win, but didn't see anything that makes me even remotely confident about visiting the sharks next week. I think the bench is unbalanced, I know you can't cater to every possible injury but Roache isn't the answer far as I can tell he can only cover hooker or at a pinch 2nd row but then we've 3 other bench players who at a pinch can play 2nd row. I think the team would be stronger with Fusitua at FB, Lolo at 6 and TL on the bench. Today was the day to answer the critics and I'm afraid they only confirmed that we'll be lucky to make the 8 and have next to no chance of getting a win over a full strength (or near as damn it) top 4 team. And while I recognize by this stage of the season that everyone is carrying niggles I'd be resting Shaun Johnson for next week's game and hope the rest allows him to overcome his current injury. Sorry to be a pessimist but I didn't see too many positives to take out of today's game.

Billy Teets James

Wow, What a snore fest! Lol. But! I'm glad we won this game. We usually crack under pressure.
I loved watching Ken bring the ball back. He got smashed a few times, Notably by Napa. But got straight back up and took the next hit up.
Yes he lacks speed. But he made a ton of metres for us. Good enough to get another start next week. Not sure if playing outside Kata is a good idea. Rather have him swap and play outside of Ayshford.

Speaking of Ayshford! What a game! Hes turning into our Mr Dependable.
He was my MOM.
Lolohea was terrible. Jersey grabbing in dee, Or just plain lazy.
Also on attack he was terrible, Crabbing across feild ala skd. But with no speed! Just walking!
Not his best game.

Lisone & Sipley were good. Up against a mean and angry Roosters pack, They held their own.
And how big is Sipley? He made Jwh look normal! Lol.
Vete was my pick of the props. Strong in everything he did.
Muts is starting to find some form. Long minutes from him. I just hated it when he wouldn't wrap the ball up. Most of Jwh offloads was when Ben was part of the tackle. One where jwh offloaded and they scored from it.
He wasn't watching the ball carrying arm.
To focused on wrestling with him.
Also, Wish they put Lolo on the wing, Roache to hooker (Or Thompson to hooker) Issac to hb.

I'm not knocking young roaches commitment. I just think Lolo or Fusitua would of scored those tries if given the chance.

Lolo doesn't look like he will be a 6. I think center or wing is his position.

Luke made a heap of mistakes. I was getting frustrated.
But his running game is back!

If Leuluai is out next week. Hopefully Ata gets his chance.
Against Cronulla its a hard ask. Better than playing players out of position.
So Lilly is back next week. Who do we drop? For mine, I'd like to stick with Sipley. We need his size. Some say Gubb should be dropped? I think he offers alot more than the others. Maybe not so in minutes. But he lifts the team like no other. And he can tackle! He can drop anyone.
Maybe Lisone? ....Most probably not. It will probably be Sipley.

Hingano /Looloo Eyes
Shaun Johnson



Maumalo was garbage in pretty much every aspect of wing play.

Fusitua looked very solid at fullback, and his kick returns looked really effective...quite surprised.

Tui belongs on the least for a few seasons.

A wins a win but they are a long long way from being contenders.
Freddie Futler

Freddie Futler

Most of the post match analysis has been spot on but just a couple of points.
The Roosters backline was so far offside for the entire game I'm surprised we did so well and just have to ask the question if the Warriors did that how would the refs react?
Secondly, the fun is back at the park and with the fans happy the merchandise was going like hot cakes, never seen such queues for jerseys, flags hats etc.
Was so happy that we took the points from those penalties. No matter how we get the points it's who has the most points at the end of the game that wins the game.
And finally Shaun Johnson's corked thigh must have been a lot worse than was let on, (probably had the needle) as he was run down when he made that break when normally he would have been gone.
Jay M

Jay M

Was a great game from my perspective. Not because of how well we played or didn't play. But because we won when all the omens showed we shouldn't have.

Last week - the roosters got flogged. They had a point to prove. They outscored us 2 tries to 1. We had some crucial calls go against us (granted we got a few too). But in the past, the warriors of old would have put their heads down and managed to lose that game by 30. Yes, the roosters were weakened. We still got the 2 points. Doesn't matter how you get them. I love ugly wins. Puts heart and confidence into the side.

Not picking one MOM. There were a few for me.
  • Mannering - loved his energy and gusto, he made some cracking tackles tonight, and really levelled a few of the much vaunted roosters hitmen. Made a mistake, but hey, everyone does and he made 52 tackles (3 ineffective, 2 missed). High workrate around the ball when we were in possession last night too.
  • Luke - great game. Possibly his best for the warriors since coming back. Played 80 minutes - when did he last do that? Showed glimpses of his kicking game too. His long kicking game came out from dummy half when we were under pressure as well. 105 receives. Epic work Bully. He really steered that forward pack around last night.
  • Johnson - yes, playing injured. Yes was the difference. Showed guts and heart. But what may go unnoticed... In a typical game, Shaun Johnson gets the ball about 50 times. Last night he got it 75 times. When Tui, or whoever received it, they took no pressure off Shaun Johnson and just shovelled it on. 16 tackles as well. Played tough. Good game Shaun Johnson.
  • Matulino - some people in the game day thread were criticising him. I think he actually had a great game. Played 60 mins or so. Didn't get a spell in the first half. Really led the pack from the front. Yes Vete made more metres. But Matulino made 32 tackles too, and some of those tackles were crucial round the ruck. He hurt a couple of roosters, and actually chased out of marker. He wasn't playing lazy last night.
  • Thompson - did what Thompson does. 100 metres, 38 tackles.
  • Hoffman - yes, for once I'm listing Hoffman as a potential MOM. Made some key tackles. Did some dirty work. Got us out of trouble when Maumalo was in the bin. Rolled up his sleeves, and punched through the line a couple of times.
  • Ayshford - sure, not a pretty game. And he had a couple of misses and a couple of ineffective tackles. But the guy kept coming. Bent the line on attack - most of his hitups coming out of trouble were getting more than 10 metres. Made some key key tackles.

Maumalo played well too considering - but his stint in the sin bin kind of takes him out of MOM contention for mine. And yes, he stuffed up at the start, but to be fair, Manu would have struggled to get back there too.

Great team performance. They gutsed it out and won.

A couple of other notes: lots of missed and ineffective tackles last night - you can put that down to the big roosters pack and their constant offloading. The team kept showing up on defence. Secondly - wtf was up with McFadden's use of the bench? Vete - 34 mins, Gubb - 23 mins, Lisone - 25 mins, Sipley 21 mins. Basically one of those guys subbed Matulino, and the other three split 80 minutes between them. If he tries that shit against the Sharks - their pack will destroy ours.

We got the two points, but had to work for it. That's good. Plus, no-one expects us to beat the sharks... ;)

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