Post Match NRL 2016 - Round 13 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Now a little more insight, Manu's relationship with the team is very fragile you can see that he is still pissed off losing his mate and is very frosty towards Shaun and Hoff. The team playing for each other has SGH written all over it but if Manu is going to keep up this attitude then he needs to join his mate on the GC. I'm sure all the fans including myself want to remember him for all the good he has done over the years but his demeanour tonight was not good and he avoided eye contact with Shaun Johnson and Hoff. No matter how great you may have been Manu get your shit together or get out.
Didn't notice this from the tv coverage. In fact when Hoffman scored Manu was the second one in with the big bear hug on the captain. Wouldn't have thought you would do this if you were pissy with someone. He was also high fiving everyone including Johnson and looked happy enough.
I'd have thought if he was to be frosty at anyone it would be his centre partner who seems to forget there is anyone outside him!


Watched a replay for the first time in what seems like months.

Yes the broncos were below par, but that’s what can happen when you put a team under pressure, if it was just 5 one outs with no one in support and hoist a bomb, then they are under no pressure, and would have looked like themselves again, 3 forward passes in the space of 15 minutes don’t happen if they aren’t chasing points and can just methodically plot out their attack.

Also we probably shouldn’t complain about our new favourite cuz Henry Perenara anymore, good on him for calling the milford pass forward, it was, but you see plenty like that let go.

How sustainable is the new (old) warrior ball?

They need to be a bit smarter with it, take the 2 before half time, the end of the first or second set where Johnson gets tackled on the 5th, luke runs down a blind alley and get lucky with the ball bouncing into an offside bronco, can’t be doing that to start out a game.

Also if they keep this up, the opposition will start playing for the offload, want to avoid looking like the panthers on the weekend, were if the 2nd phase is locked up, they don’t have a plan b.

And its all predicated on the forwards (and manu) coming with the fire every week, skipping into tackles or immediately dropping to their knees = no momentum, spreading the ball on the back foot and a stack of turnovers, so the onus is on the boys that if they are going to play like this, they can’t no show on the effort front.

You can see why our many coaches don’t want to commit to this style all the time, if they can’t get dominance or at least parity, then it falls apart pretty quick, and not sold on our forwards pulling this out of the bag every week, especially against legit big packs, which they broncos aren’t.

But if they can, you see Luke and Johnson just transform when they get the chance to go forward. Imagine poor old Roger Tuivasa-Sheck getting in on the act off the back of that momentum – it’s the fantasy stuff we thought we’d be getting back in the offseason.

Banning myself from any top 8 talk, as had been said many times, this is déjà vu for so many years previous. But we should be in for a fun few weeks until about round 20, we got to Canberra, origin is over, shit will start to get real, pretenders will be separated out, and we will see if this lot are any more committed than the 2013, 14 or 15 lineups were.