Post Match NRL 2016 - Round 13 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion


01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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NRL 2016 - Round 13 - Warriors vs Broncos Post Match Discussion
NZ Warriors 36 vs 18 Brisbane Broncos
Mt Smart Stadium


Who was your MoM?
Who won the halves battle between Shaun Johnson and Ben Hunt?
Did Thomas Leuluai give Anthony Milford a lesson in running footy :p?
Manu Vatuvei have a memorable return? Good or bad?
Nathaniel Roache or Jazz Tevega?
Captain lead from the front?
Charlie Gubb improve his tackling technique?
Bench effective?
Error rate kill us again?

Dont forget to rate the players...
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So what we witnessed here to day:

We played our traditional game. Freestyle attack. Offloading whenever it's on. Guys doing what they are good at doing.

But our defense was on form as well. It was scramble, unstructured, but structured at the same time...

Guys working for each other, helping out where they could... Very heart warming indeed.

Shaun Johnson is our best player. And when everyone else supports him we win... It's really that simple..

But we've got loads of x factor in our back line. Lolohea, Kata, Fusitua and the Beast can all make something out of nothing..

Ayshford is the stabilizing force amongst all that genius...

Luke was good, and I reckon this is why he came here...

Our forwards were running hard on attack and defense. That's really what won us the game...

The broncos were backing up after origin, but we still played well. Best game for us this year by far...

One thing we absolutely have to do is maintain that intent in attack. We actually had players running up in numbers and as a result the opposition couldn't gang tackle. Even the few times they started to get a few tacklers into it we would just pass a couple wide, give the skill guys early ball and let them see what they can create.
That was a really enjoyable win. It's nice to get positive feelings from supporting the team for once. If we can just keep this attitude...sigh...if we make the 8 and get into that mindset, we could trouble a lot of teams. I'm gonna keep the faith cuz warriors4lyfe

Broncos definitely not at their best but that was our best performance of the year for mine, especially that first half. Few soft tries but lots of positive signs in defence. Just gotta keep it up boys.
20k forum big bucks on 13+ could I please get that in ones.:D

Where dem Princess trolls at now, fuckers.
That was a Captains knock and Im not talking about the Captain, Lolo nice work, I still don't know where to play him.

MoM- The Greatest rest in peace CHAMP
That's why I farkeen love these cu**s when they play our style of footy. No motherfuckizz can go with us when we play like that. Brilliant.

No team can play the way our team plays when their on form like that. Tui sizzling.. Shaun Johnson magical, defence exceptional.

Shaun Johnson & Luke Co Captains. That's the way to go. Been on repetitive mode mentioning that everywhere.

BTW, Get over Konnie you munters, he's a Titan now, he's our farkin enemy. Less said about him the better. New era.

Onwards & upwards .. most likely back to a loss next week such is the fickleness of being a Warriors supporter.

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