Post Match NRL 2016 - Rnd 6 - Warriors vs Manly Post Match Discussion


01 Jan 1970 12:00 PM

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Warriors 18 vs 34 Manly
Mt Smart Stadium

NRL 2016 - Rnd 6 - Warriors vs Manly Post Match Discussion


Who was your Man of the Match?
Roger Tuivasa-Sheck still clocking up the metres?
Shaun Johnson and Isaac Luke taking on the line?
Jeff Robson pull out his A game?
Tuimoala Lolohea and Blake Ayshford combination still developing well?
Solomone Kata draw and PASS?
How was Jonathan Wright outside of Kata?
How was Konnie impact off the bench?
Charlie Gubb still chopping opponents down?
Ben Matulino and Jacob Lillyman own the middle again?
Was it worth having Thomas Leuluai back?
How was Sam Lisone at lock?
Captain and former play well?
Albert Vete and

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Gone backwards after the last 2 weeks, that was such a frustrating game to watch- Silly/dumb errors was what ultimately cost us but shit I'm getting sick of some of the inconsistent rulings, I'd happily chip in for Cappy and Hoffman to call out the bullshit in the press conference.

Just feel angry after watching that game, might calm down before posting more lol.
This was one of the ugliest games in my recent memory. The Warriors were woeful and they deserved to lose this, their handling was just awful. Even if things are going against you 57% of sets completed or whatever is pathetic. The refs did not cost us this game. But they aren't making it fun to watch either...

Seriously week after week the sheer involvement of a league ref in every game far outshadows any other sport. It is just killing the NRL right now

Part of that is what I am absolutely positive is prior determination about decisions. You know that every ref is going to penalise one of the first 2-4 sets of the game to stamp their mark. It is mandatory.

Luke's 'cannonball' call reeked of a prior determination from the refs to watch him on that count for the game.

The officiating is ruining the spectacle of rugby league (and I don't think this week was any worse than normal).
i'm so fucking over it.

when are we ever going to play with heart and brains and skill?

The refs were shit, but we were worse.

Watch the very first set again... it was absolutely clear from the start that we weren't there to play.

Either Johnson is badly injured or we have a coward as a star player.

I would love to see some big names dropped
We were never going to win that.

Played bad, no urgency, got bad calls, its always a loss if the other team comes to play.

Started with a terrible attitude, then let the refs get into their heads. It's not fair but you just have to let those decisions go and wait for the square ups.

Johnson not interested in running, sheck not interesting in tackling. It's okay guys, just check your bank accounts when ppl are mean to you on social media for clearly not giving a shit

Not that TL did anything wrong but we played far too many minutes with 2 hookers and Konrad did nothing.

So the bench was a failure, coach needs to go back to the drawing board on that.

Seeing as we lost by 16 we probably won't even get the Tony archer meaningless apology.

Kata good again, Hoffman and mannering decent, Robson invisible, but error free at least. Ayshford not bad. Luke all over the show.

Boys happy happy after the game, at least Hoffman has the decency to look grumpy.
Didnt watch the first 25mins....why was Matulino playing till 73rd min and Lisone not back till the 73rd? The bench is just rubbish at the moment...Hurrell adds nothing. The middle got tired and we got carved through the middle.
I've never heard the Warriors home crowd boo their team like some successful Australian club fans do in numbers...
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