Post Match NRL 2016 - Rnd 5 - Roosters vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Did Solomone Kata get redemption from Blake Ferguson?

  • YES! Owned him

  • Kind of

  • Even

  • Got owned, again!

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NRL 2016 - Rnd 5 - Roosters vs Warriors Post Match Discussion


Man of the Match?
Was our defence better?
Isaac Luke fit?
Solomone Kata get redemption with Blake Ferguson?
How was Konrad Hurrell's impact off the bench?
Which forwards impressed you?
Outside backs learnt how to tackle yet?
Did the bench have the desired effect? Did Cappy utilise them properly?
Anyone go to the game? How was the atmosphere?


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Warriors Orange Peeler

Tuimoala Lolohea you beauty. So poetic having Roger Tuivasa-Sheck getting the winner for us.

Could have gone either way really. The game was about which team was less shit than the other. We pushed our case for large chunks of that game.

Livid as hell that nothing came of that penalty try. Not even a sin bin.

Despite the huge error and missed tackle count the fact we got the 2 points. Better an ugly win than a good loss.

Lap it up boys...
Fantastic to see the effort go in when things started going sour. I thought that we should have won easily given how badly the Roosters played but a win is enough for me. 2 more points is priceless