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I don't normally watch One news, can't stand that dude Saville and his dancing eyebrows, especially when he starts that whole bouncing on his toes shit as well, but I did catch some of it last night, the Warriors weren't even the story but one of those knobs managed to get a jibe in about them being winless. Only us fans can bag them.
Exactly bro. I heard that and let out a "oh you fuckin yawnion loving cu**!"
Quoting a player you dislike could perhaps be a little unfair as Shaun Johnson missed 8 tackles and made 2 mistakes.

Unbiased reporting on our favourite team would be appreciated i.e. either put all the stats up or none. Thank you in advance.
I think if you look there that all the stats are there was just pointing out things sorry if you don't like the facts I do like the guy but I like our team better and think its not good to have him in side I put the link there for all to see



Warriors v Knights: Five key points

Mon 28 Mar, 2016, 6:15pm
By Corey Rosser‌, New Zealand Correspondent, EMAIL


The Warriors ended an 11-game losing streak and won their first match in over eight months on Easter Monday, beating the Knights 40-18 at Mt Smart Stadium. Here are five key points from the Round 4 clash.

Match Report: Warriors too sharp for Knights

Bullet at the break helps Warriors

A great start to the second half set the platform for the Warriors, as they ran in three tries in quick succession and outmuscled Newcastle with the ball.

Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell admitted the half-time address was the most animated he had ever seen coach Andrew McFadden, with the spray receiving the ideal response back on the field.

"I thought we came out with a bit more intent in the second half," McFadden said.

"We had a really good patch just after half-time and really put the game to bed there.

"I was pretty direct in what I wanted (at half-time)."

Captain Ryan Hoffman was brief in his explanation of the speech, but believed it was deserved after a poor first half.

"Whatever it was it was loud," Hoffman said with a grin.

"I was really pleased with the way we came out in that second half, we got a bit of a 'rev' at half-time and we needed to shape up."

Mega Mataora

Starting prop Sam Mataora was once again among Newcastle's best, running for 78 metres and making 22 tackles without a miss.

The Cook Islands-born big man also made a line break and scored a try on his way to a provisional 53 NRL Fantasy points, and was singled out for praise by fellow forward Mickey Paea.

"Sammy has been outstanding off the back of a great pre-season," Paea told

"He is really leading from the front and deserves all the accolades he is getting at the moment.

"Sammy has been our best prop so far and is just going to continue to get better."

Warriors best when sticking to the middle

The Warriors appeared determined to spin the ball wide early in tackle counts through the first 40 minutes, which more often than not ended in their attack breaking down and the ball hitting the ground.

A more direct style in the second stanza saw their pack gain more yardage, and off the back of it Shaun Johnson and co were able to create plenty of chances with time on the ball.

After the match Newcastle captain Trent Hodkinson admitted the Warriors had been easier to contain when going sideways, despite their star-studded edge players.

"As you saw in the second half they did a bit of damage when they were going forward and played off the back of that," Hodkinson said.

"The first half they played a bit lateral and we found it a bit easier to contain, but through that middle once they got it rolling it was hard to stop."

Knights on report

Newcastle winger Nathan Ross was put on report in the 52nd minute for a dangerous tackle on Hurrell, where he appeared to twist the arm of the Tongan international.

Post-match Newcastle coach Nathan Brown admitted his player may have a case to answer at the judiciary this week.

"Hopefully if he does get a charge it's only a small one," Brown said.

"He (Hurrell) was in a bit of a dangerous position.

"I don't think anyone is coaching it and none of us want it to happen to our own players or the opposition."

Knights hooker Danny Levi was also placed on report for a similar tackle on Sam Lisone earlier in the match.

McFadden keeping victory in perspective

The scoreline suggests it was a comprehensive showing from the Warriors, but McFadden said the performance was still a long way off what we wanted from his side.

Despite scoring 40 points the Warriors only managed a 70 per cent completion rate and also made 11 errors.

"To be honest with you I thought we played better in the last two matches we lost," McFadden said.

"(But) we found a way to win today.

"It means we have got two points… it's a win, we are not going to get carried away with it."
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Well done Team, we won.
Still work to do, this we know
Still a way to go, this we know
But good to finally get the monkey off the back
Celebrate the win then it's back to work.

Games magic moment for me,
Kata passing the ball to Manu!
Shot Kata , good game.
Exactly bro. I heard that and let out a "oh you fuckin yawnion loving cu**!"

Just off topic talking about yawn ion.
Yesterday I had to take my son to reds v Waratahs,his uncle usually takes him but got tied up. Who should come on in the 2nd half but one Sam Lousi winning line outs and attacking rucks. Makes you think the rugby coach has turned a league player into a union player. Talking about coaching I think Morgan is making an improvement to some players defence.
Am I alone in wondering how Mannering could have been ruled to have caused obstruction to a defender he was around 5 metres away from and made no contact with, the defender was around 10 metres away from the ball carrier, and 15 metres away from the Warrior who recieved the pass. There's not a player alive or dead or yet to be born who could have had a legitimate chance at making a tackle there.

On Friday night, the Cowboys had a try disallowed for obstruction... a technicality that had Thurston telling the ref that surely common sense needs to be used in these decisions. After the call against Mannering, I'm begging for any kind of sense to be used. They say that these matters have to be black or white, but if you must apply a colour to these two decisions, it'd have to be brown.
Players looked much happier today running in tries if we came out in the first half like we did in the 2nd half we probably could've scored 60 points easily today.
I was a little suprised at the result I was thinking half time another loss or a scrappy close win
It seems Johnson is doing all the impressive positive work all by himself in the halves and a very good day with the boot from his as well.
We need to back this up with another win vs the roosters at the central coast this Sunday.
I found Hurrell made good yards too in the forwards was impressed
Yeeee !!! It's been a long while. Promised to stay dry til' won our first game ... only lasted 3 days but oh well, tastes better after a win.

Finally got the monkey off our back
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