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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Was Konrad Hurrell the right person for the bench?

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I thought once Johnson started running, the team got a little more involved. I hope he continues to run more.

Tevaga has to keep his spot. He is made for first grade. Out of all the Warrior Jrs coming through at Hooker (Selueni, Mara, Havili etc) I wouldn't think Tevaga would get near NRL level. But the guy is becoming another favourite and it's good to have a lot of Kiwi dummy halves now.

Good Start for the season still a lot to improve on.
Firstly congrats men thoroughly deserved victory, been a long time coming but a wins a win and a precious 2 points banked we'll take it.

You can only play what's in front of you Knights were competitive just lacked class. Can tell they've been coached to work on those arms and upper body twists. Nathan Brown was known to be a little niggly and grubby in those aspects of the game.

Standouts for us

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck just superb what a signing!. Work rate is immense, foot work, commitment running on to the ball.. just need to tidy up that last line of d but he's just a brilliant player

Ayshford hats off great game mate. Gaining more confidence each passing week. Set Tui up for some nice tries, heaps of good ball, awareness, defence, kick chase it's all there.

Johnson great game. Said before the game this was ideal to find some form. He's starting to gain that confidence watch out NRL once he rediscovers his mojo. Goal kicking was pretty good. Wouldn't have liked being stood up by their winger for the last try he's a better defender then that.

Matulino big game, wouldn't have liked being shrugged off by Mataora for their first try but made amends with a massive game

Jazz looks so comfortable in first grade, natural thinker doesn't let the structure tie him down, he's a player..

Luke still trying to regain that form and nuisance value of old, got shrugged off for an easy try but got one back himself, slowly building.

Konnie ran strongly carried hard put in a block play which led to a try bit more effort on effort. Forced a dropout late in the game when covering Kata's position. I like the timing Kon was introduced to the game, conserving energy then unleash, he'll dent opposition packs if used correctly.

Vete, Lisone, Gubb all played hard and tough. No mistakes or silly penalties.

The cohesion is slowly coming.. Manu hits it up then Roger Tuivasa-Sheck then Matulino.. then Luke darts.. this will become relentless over time.

That 15 minute burst after halftime by us was killer, absolutely blew them off the park and killed the game off. Haven't seen that type of play for a long time.

Roosters game is a big step up in class and intensity but we'll enjoy this win for now. At least the players know what they've been working on isn't for nothing
So according to Fantasy stats Robson didn't kick the ball once. So what do we actually gain from having him in the team? When Leuluai is back hopefully he gets the halfback jersey. I wouldn't mind at all if kicks the same amount of times as Robson. At least the left side would be safer on defence.
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Why would you put TL straight into the starting line up, he hasn't played for a year and we have just won our first game in almost a year. It's only four weeks ago Benry went straight back in after a year off with a knee injury and already some are saying lets try that fuck up again.

Because Robson's a liability to the side atm, and to be fair to Benry his knees are made of paper mache.
Good to finally get a win. What a relief.:headphone:

Good to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck returning the ball and running straight back. Gets a sets off to a good start and the boys don't have to run back as far.

The combination of Ayshford and Lolohea seems to be working well in terms of communication. When they were getting some space in looks like they had it worked out when to bring Lolohea in field etc.

Now compare that to the other side. Kata had one of his strongest games but that side is still let down defensively around Robson.

Tevaga had another strong game for a rookie. Loved the play at the end after a mistake he went out to make up for it by putting a shot on.

Luke started to look a lot more settled in Warriors colours and did some good work getting us around the field.

Good to see some starch in our defence especially in the middle. The disappointing part defensively was the tries we conceded. We got scored off from simle settling plays where they didn't really do anything, no run around, no block plays just went straight through us. The better sides won't give us as many opportunities as the Knights did so giving away easy tries like that will cost us against the better sides.

Some good hard runs for the forwards to play off the back of as well.

The big one was we got a game where Johnson got into situations where he could run instinctively. That would have done a world of good for his confidence coming back from his injury.

Great to get a win but we need to be realistic about the opposition. Hopefully we get some confidence and get some wins against the better sides.
'check for obstruction from the lead runner'
'its a run around, there is no lead runner, they are two different things'
It wont be long before they turn the audio from the bunker off me thinks.

Kata MOM, Manu was very good. Mutts back to his best.
That bald guy from the Sharks got a tackle bust! No one looked more shocked than him.
OK guys which one of you (or Youse for South Aucklanders) has a great sauce?

I will need it if I am going to consume the Humble Pie.
All week I bagged Shaun Johnson's goal kicking and today he proved me wrong, so would you kindly forward all recipes to me.

Don't feel too bad, we all know old age causes confusion, since you were able to make a post it at least means you remembered where your house is.
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'check for obstruction from the lead runner'
'its a run around, there is no lead runner, they are two different things'
It wont be long before they turn the audio from the bunker off me thinks.

Kata MOM, Manu was very good. Mutts back to his best.
That bald guy from the Sharks got a tackle bust! No one looked more shocked than him.

Craziest part about that is that was the second time a ref has asked for that to be checked after a Warriors try, I think it was also done last year after Simon was the player with the ball in a run around.