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01 Jan 1970 12:00
Its a liability having Manu on the wing. We just cant afford that if we cannot afford to carry Konrad's defensive liabilities. Manu to the bench to come on as a battering ram for mine.
Think that second half saved his ass plus.we got to give Hoffman a chance with him has captain
i like seeing players that hold themselves to their own individual standards like roache and gavet. everybody else has already assimilated to the warriors culture that it worries me. Im not gonna hate on players yet but i will criticise cappy.
I would expect a coach to have built some type of programme on adressing previous years weaknesses, we know doyle has tried to recruit in key areas but when i see the same attitude and performance from last year that is a reflection of the coach and that he cant motivate or create cultural change when hes had 6 months to re asess and prepare the team for this year. His job is on the line from where i see it and he has a week to show me he can at least make adjustments, if he cant we've seen enough of him over the last 2 years and no doubt doyle will get rid of him because he was never doyles guy.
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Ayshford was solid.
Thank full for Gavet , Muts , Mannering .
Thompson and Lisone were pure impact.
Young Roache has a future.
Cant wait for Sao to come add some sting.
Konnie would of crossed a few times in that game if he was on.
Luke need to find his mojo, think its with his fitness.
Mods let the game day chatter go a little bit longer as we still have something to say about game day. Save time n space.
Its just after the game and emotions are still running high.let it run its cause.

Agree I watch the game without the computer, don't even see the game chatter till the final whistle.
Either Kata or Manu but not both.

I believe Issac Luke let us down right at the end. Not focusing at the end wasted tackles.
I dont get this...evem after this game we still say...kata or if their performances were on par...kata was adequate...i lost count of how many Manu dropped...and we still think dropping kata is the solution
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We looked a lot better in the last 30 when Shaun Johnson started demanding the ball.
The more he gets his hands on it the better.
Dont know why they bothered switching his number.

Also why wasn't he goal kicking? Or even Luke or kata for that matter?
I didn't know tui kicked goals. Still not sure if he does...?
Could've been the difference in the end.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Ok im gonna give you a snapshot of what happened to Manu tonight.

"Oh fuck me no one has turned up to play. Fuck this shit im so over this, I know ill fuck up a lot and then maybe theyll move me to the bench.

God move me to the bench, please.

Oh thank god here comes wiki, hes yelling at me this is good, hes gonna move me to the bench. Wait dont leave, bench me.

Oh fuck the others have started playing well, and i havent warmed up yet.

What idit gave me the ball, fuck this theres shaun ill give it to him.

Well fuck me we scored again.

I still wanna go sit on the bench. "


Mods let the game day chatter go a little bit longer as we still have something to say about game day. Save time n space.
Its just after the game and emotions are still running high.let it run its cause. May be give it an hour then switch.
Think of this as a post match chatter thread. We understand emotions are running high and dont mind the chatter for the rest of the night.


Lucky we have the second best hooker in the game.....

ok trying for positives....
bodene and lisone added some hard running in the second half. Gavet looked ok. Vete should come on now henry is out and he adds some go forward and desire. Defense in the second half looked so much better and we didn't fold so hopefully means our fitness is good. Hopefully they realise that they all need to defend now and put in for each other. Team looks good when Shaun Johnson runs and tries to set up plays for others, not so good chipping for himself.

lets see if cappy has the kahunas to drop Manu this week. No excuses for that game and from our most experienced back.

absolute disgrace of a first half performance by the team. Second half was better but you knew it was already over by then.

there is always next week for a warriors fan......unless it is round 26
I blame Ayshford, he is the reason our pack sucked shit and our left leaked tries like a que at the urinal.
If Ayshford wasnt there Manu would have been Orsum and our Captain would have played like a Captain.:banghead:

He still fell off tackles bro and lets be honest Konnie would have scored those tries he failed to score, that being said he was better than Kata who's decision making is really bad. I still feel our best two centres are Ayshford and Konnie but how does Blake go on the left?