General NRL 2015 Round 20 - General Discusson

What game you most look forward to (besides the Warriors)?

  • Broncos vs Titans

  • Tigers vs Roosters

  • Storm vs Dragons

  • Rabbitohs vs Knights

  • Panthers vs Raiders

  • Bulldogs vs Sharks

  • Cowboys vs Eels

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Dec 19, 2012
NRL 2015 Round 20 - General Discusson



1st Grade Fringe
Apr 2, 2015
Good to see Matt Duffie back playing first grade after all of his injuries that he's suffered.


May 21, 2013
Warriors v Dragons may set a new low for standard of play in a couple of weeks, there's a lot of crap teams at the moment, including us.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
It could be worse we could be Knights fans. They are getting smashed a good one by Souths at the moment 36-6 half time.

Good to have two games in NZ this weekend although I've got a blank spot in my memory for the first one. Good crowd in Napier (Napya according too Matty Johns). Hopefully we see a few more clubs brings games across to NZ.

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