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Warriors Orange Peeler
NRL 2015 - Rnd 8 - Sharks vs Warriors, Remondis Stadium, Woolooware.


Redmonis Stadium (Shark Park or Toyota Stadium as it has been known in the past) hasnt been the best grounds for us. Even with the Sharks being perennial cellar dwellers in recent years they can count on the Warriors not showing up at their home ground. We havent won there since Round 22 in 2010. Thats not counting the Sharks 'home' game they took to Owen Delany Park, Taupo in 2011 that we won.

Last year was no exception. Who can forget the embarrassment of the 37-6 loss to the Sharks in Round 5 who hadnt won a game that year. Getting a hiding from the then wooden spooners would prove to be Matt Elliotts final act as Warriors coach. The next day Wayne Scurrah and Dean Bell would front the media and announce that Matt had been sacked 'resigned' :rolleyes:.

Who knows which Warriors team shows up at Woolooware this afternoon but we'll have our answer soon enough. Strap in people and hopefully we're all smiling at the end of the game. We could all do with a positive from the Warriors.

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We all know that we are a momentum team and with the Pacific Test and Kiwis dominating last weekend and one of the best ever signing news in our history on the eve of this match; I can only see an absolute Shark slaughter. Seems Fusitu'a has traveled with the team. Yes perhaps for Reserves but will he be a late inclusion on the wing? This could be Penrith 2013; or Eels 2014 (home).
Holy shit with all the excitement of the Kiwis winning signing Luke and all the man love on the forum I almost forgot we have a game today, not to mention a full season ahead of us.
Go the Warriors shark for dinner with chips please.
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Last years fiasco at shark park came on the back of a horrendous refereeing performance to the point of looking like a deadset fix , and the warriors collapsed under that pressure.
We are never even going to get consistency from the officials playing at home, let alone what happens playing in Sydney .

Warriors need to take inspiration from the Kiwis Anzac test performance..
The Kangaroos the won the 'fucked up ref calls' by 14-0 that day, (12 of those in the second half)
Winning decisively in spite of this was a phenomenal effort by the kiwis.
The warriors today need to be mentally ready for being fucked over by the refs , stay focused positive and hang tough.
It can be overcome.
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3 Cs this week.
Commit: Commit to the tackle. Commit to the game plan. Commit to each other.
Communicate: Got to get on the same page boys.
Chase: Kick chase is everything. Don't let them get easy meters to Start sets.
We follow these 3 we'll be fine.
I wonder if it is scary for McFadden knowing the teams last coach was sacked after a hiding to this team in a similar position on the table last year.
To be honest, I was always a little sceptical the Cappy was going to be immensely better than Elliot. The players have already shown what they will do if they aren't happy. It is only the fact they like him keeping him in a job. The attitude Tomkins brought to the team, has helped him in that regard, and the signings of Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke will buy him even more cred with the players. But his actual on-field strategies and effects are not what everyone felt we would see form him. We need to see some massive changes to his plan, if we are a chance this year. hopefully Johnson continues his Kiwi form, and we get Tomkins back soon to rebuild the combinations. But if we don't get both these things soon, we are no different to last year and 2013.
I wonder if it is scary for McFadden knowing the teams last coach was sacked after a hiding to this team in a similar position on the table last year.

Has he been visited by the Ghost of Warriors Coaches Past? Has McFadden hacked into Eric's twitter so he can't tweet anything after the game?

I'm all ready and waiting with this year's rendition of "get off the bandwagon" if do get hammered - just to get us all in the mood...
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