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Warriors Orange Peeler
NRL 2015 - Rnd 8 - Warriors vs Titans, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland.


After the Melbourne Storm refused to give up their home ANZAC game and the Warriors lobbying hard for a home game of their own a new opponent had to be found. Welcome the Titans.

Titans have been pretty easy prey in recent years with the Warriors dispatching them both here and away. Our last game against was also at Mt Smart and we won 42-0. The first time in Titans history they have ever been kept scoreless. Anyone remember Ngani Laumape wanting to go Greg Bird :D.

Warriors also wear a special ANZAC jersey to mark the occasion. Wonder how they will look on the field?


Heres hoping we can continue our form against the Titans who have had a horror start to the season.

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Forwards need to dominate once again and our backs need to execute efficiently without errors. Do so, they will squeeze out a win. Could they do a Tigers and rack up 40? Possibly. However, I am picking a tight arm wrestle with a 20-10 victory.
I think we're going to crush them, in all honesty. And we should. Its actually on at a viewable time for me too! Can't wait to watch.
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Warriors always play well after a public warning from the coaching staff.... I'm picking a top quality performance in the second half.
Warriors always play well after a public warning from the coaching staff.... I'm picking a top quality performance in the second half.
We haven't really managed to produce a quality second half in a couple of years. To me, the first half will decide our fate.
Heard the Titans were pretty happy to hear konnie got dropped- he's carved them up the last couple of years.
Also they're hoping for a dry track- what's the weather like today in aucks?
While i think we should have this one im hoping at some stage in the game we get a Shaun Johnson/James Roberts 1 on 1. Maybe a length of the field chase or something where we see both guys have to open up top end. Love those "need for speed" moments. Roberts probably fastest in the game atm, and we all know Shaun Johnson is up there.
Hudo gets over- that's my mates boy- the old man will be wrapt.
Good young player- had a lot of injuries so it's good to see him injury free.
The way he was talking during the week the Titans boys didn't hold much hope of getting a win so they would've got a lot of confidence from that try.
Sipleys too good for this grade imo.
However when u look at the nswarriors props u can understand why they're keeping him there.
I don't know why people are still calling for us to recruit a prop- retention is the key there imo.
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