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Fulltime. 26 - 22 to Bulldogs. We lost but at least this time we really did tried. Go Warriors 2016 ! :)
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Hey if you're allowed to continue to think we are going to get a hiding every week, then I'm allowed to stay positive and think that every week we can start a fresh, and be positive. You have you're belief, I'm allowed mine.
No. You're not being positive. You're shitting on others for being down after a crap year and now with 8 losses in a row -- and they're largely using black humour to deal with it. Being positive is not calling others out for being down like you were, positive would be pushing the good aspects in the game. You didn't do that, David.
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Kata didn't have many options. Backed himself in a all-or-nothing situation. Lisone shouldn't have knocked that ball on but he'll learn. We saw fight from the youngster's we should we investing in.

For those who bowed out today - thank you for your service and good riddens.
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A bad start, only to come back in the second half but spill the lollies and fall apart. A very apt end to the season if I do say so myself.
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Jordan G

Other centres would have backed off and reevaluated I reckon, try going to the other edge. I dont think a more experienced centre would have tried to run over 3 players from 15 metres out


Had enough of Kata for one year, Tui could carve up from centre and will feed Manu like nobody else on our books.

Awesome effort that deserved a win, dumb mistakes aside. Dogs won't be sticking around long in the finals though.
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Wasn't Kata's fault IMO. His winger was 5 metres behind him, should have been providing an option back inside. Would have at least held up the Cunterbury defence. The referees... farking disgraceful. The Peyroux penalty was the worst penalty of all time, but nearly bettered by the voluntary tackle one. I know the hype on Jarryd Hayne is huge, but FFS, we shouldn't be encouraging quarter back passes like #11 received in the lead up to their last try.
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