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01 Jan 1970 12:00
F#@k there must be a better way to invest 45 million a year or what ever they spend.
Damn really shows how weak we are these last few games, Hope Jim and Cappy can put forward a competitive team for next year???
Or else, out comes the axe.
Stacey to be our first Premiership winning Coach.
Rewa Hard
On Kata and Maumalo - agreed that they should have learned more of their trade in NSW Cup before coming to first grade. I actually don't mind players getting schooled from time to time as it keeps them sharp and SHOULD help them stay focussed.

The problem with the warriors outside backs - they get schooled time and time and time again. And there never seems to be any improvement. So either the players aren't up to it mentally for top grade, the coaches can't coach them to defend properly, or the structures are wrong (or some combination of those three).

Commentators kept saying it last night - they should have been up on their opponents on the left edge, they were trying to slide near the line...
Luke & Tuivasa-Sheck are fine players, but I doubt they will make one ounce of difference to the Warriors if the rest of the team is going to tackle like blind men with no passion or will to win. The Warriors lack of hunger to perform well this season has been nothing short of shameful. Even before Johnson got injured the teams defensive capabilities are average at best. Then Johnson gets injured and the rest of the team play like they do not care anymore. You can't teach or train hunger and heart into players and sadly plenty of the warriors play like they have none. . I doubt much will change next year, but live in hope for some improvement. Unfortunately the culture of average performances just seems to be accepted and justified within the club. The only people ever held accountable for bad performances at the Warriors are the coaches. Until the Warriors board gets out of that mindset coaches will keep getting culled off while the under performing players stay and the average performances continue. Same story different year, they probably have an excuse ready now for next year because 2 great players can't turn this side around.


Warriors Orange Peeler
It seems every year, about this time, the Warriors trot it out. The latest reason for failure.

Warriors fans, give yourselves a mighty pat on the back. You are true supporters, people who go through thick and thin, even if you often wonder where the thick is.

Speaking of thick, that must be what various Warriors' administrations have thought we are. Every year it's the same — the season has gone down the toilet; but there's always next year ...

Every time they say it, I hear the same thing.

Some statements from the Warriors over the years have defied credibility. In 2005, they declared themselves the wealthiest league club in the world. Even if true ... heard of humility, guys? And what about winning something? In 2012, then co-owners Eric Watson and Owen Glenn attempted to polish a turd, saying they wanted to make the Warriors the most successful club in the NRL and the most successful franchise in Australasia.

A "marquee" coach was promised but Matt Elliott arrived instead and when he moved on (his departure presented by the club as a resignation when everyone knew it was a sacking), the club was on its fifth coach in two years with Andrew McFadden. Watson said McFadden was the one he'd had his eye on all along. Give us a break.

This all came after one of the most successful regimes — coach Ivan Cleary and director of football John Hart — was farewelled by the club. CEO Wayne Scurrah blamed "inaccurate reporting" and maintained Cleary wanted to leave. Cleary said he never wanted to leave. Club sources said he got an offer from Penrith but the Warriors decided against matching or bettering it.

Current CEO Jim Doyle seems a straight shooter and McFadden has done okay — at least before the wheels fell off this year, sparked by injuries to Shaun Johnson, Ryan Hoffman, Thomas Leuluai, Manu Vatuvei and the shoulder-charge absence of the vital Ben Matulino.

But, as it became clear the Warriors' season had run out of gas, out it came. McFadden talked about the mess he discovered when he arrived and lack of professionalism in some players; reports had him saying some were not up to NRL standard. It's an old ploy or temptation — under pressure, return to inherited mistakes to explain the present. Governments do it all the time — ramping back issues of the day to "when the Labour government was in power".

Warriors fans deserve more; there should be defiance, something more upbeat than the rather weary acceptance we have seen in recent weeks. Hoffman, indisputably a professional, said: "Players are starting to realise what it takes to be a rugby league player. Previously, there have been a few people that have liked the idea of being a professional rugby league player, but not exactly what it takes to actually be one."

Hoffman says the team culture is getting better. Discipline, punctuality and weight management are among the failings, allegedly — schoolboy stuff which should have been inculcated years ago. Players turning up 10kg overweight is their failure but Warriors fans must despair at times. This has been going on for years and only the Cleary-Hart era has ever looked like delivering the professional consistency required.

Fullback Sam Tomkin's contention the club lacked professionalism came a week earlier — the same Tomkins who is sodding off to Britain after feeling homesick. Somehow, don't think you'll find a chapter on homesickness in the Handbook Of Professional Sport. Tomkins has been a disappointment; he has not adapted well to the NRL and, while it is certain he meant well with his professionalism remarks, the irony of his departure is inescapable.

Ironic, too, the finger is being pointed at some of the younger players because the Warriors, up to now, have cast themselves largely as a development club, the best example of which is Johnson, without whom they look bereft.

I said with some delight, when they beat Melbourne only a few short weeks ago, they seemed to have developed depth. After that came the 24-0 loss to the Roosters. A good team, the Roosters, judgement suspended; then the 32-12 loss to an ailing Manly, the Sharks out-gutsed them 18-14 and then the 36-0 drubbing by an average Dragons team before last weekend's loss to Cleary's Panthers and last night's 19-12.

What is besetting them is a familiar complaint: mental toughness or the lack there of in a truly tough NRL season. Against the Dragons, the Warriors looked like a side with lost belief; deciding, in their sub-conscious, their season was over as much as Johnson's was. That's not what professionals do; professionals knuckle down when a star is dimmed and make sure the light is shone by someone else or everybody else.
Is your name Paul Lewis???
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Another week, another crap team performance.

15 minutes of awesome then 65 minutes of nothing!. Sums up the whole season one big dismal failure.

Tomkins almost a million a season for jackshit in return. Thanks for nothing.

Tui gave a glimpse of his adlib nature and he looked dazzling.. then Thurston gave him a 80 minute footy lesson.

Lino your all good kid, you can go back to NSW Cup with your confidence still intact as for the other bunch of no hopers paleeeez.
Cant figure out how the allblacks can play a more intelligent demanding game in union and win over 70% including world cups. A basic game like league with basic rules a basic team ....shit these players and staff must be really brainless to fuck all that up.

I can help you out here. The All Blacks are the national side of our national game and as such, have unlimited resources and are the very best of over 150,000 registered players across the nation. If a key AB goes down with injury, he's easily replaced with another player of almost equal ability. In stark contrast, the Warriors are just a club side that are the cream of less than half 15000 NZ registered players, the majority coming from South and West Auckland. The other half (probably the better half) go to the 15 other NRL clubs. The rest of the Warriors roster is made up of journeyman and the occasional superstar that joined the wrong club. When one of their key players goes down with injury, they get replaced with a reserve grader or 20 year old newby.

With the backing, funding and sheer playing resources that the All Blacks enjoy, it's a mystery why they don't win 100% of the time. They almost do of course, I would've thought they were closer to 90% than your 70% estimate. I'm far from an All Black hater but there's no denying why they're so good. I pray that they win this years RWC cos if they don't, the country will go into a depression, then a recession, my house will plummet in value and I'll be looking for a new job, such is our countries obsession with them. Winning a RWC anywhere other than their home soil would also silence the critics for good.

A fairer comparison of the Warriors to a union side would be the Blues...........yeah?
The all blacks shouldn't be compared to the Warriors - they should be compared to the kiwis (a powerhouse in a minor sport globally)

The Warriors should be compared to the blues - a shithouse team in an even competition.
there a bunch of fuckwits they'll talk about paramatta for fifteen minutes sometimes and give there opinions on why there shit
but when it comes to us its just 30 seconds of laughing at us

If I was the coach of the fairies.....oh sorry I mean the Wanna Bees.......oh shit sorry, meant to say the Warriors. I would sit them down and make them watch that show, then I would make them come on here and read what the public are saying about them.
Sometimes in life, hard love, and the truth, is the only thing to snap people out of the dark hole they have fallen into.
The TRUTH hurts, but can set you free.
These guys need a rocket, and they need to be told how it is.....
And how it is, regardless of injury, is that they totally sux. It's a bloody embarrassment to NZ rugby league, but more importantly, they are an embarrassment to the jersey. their families, supports, and the NRL.
Play with some pride in the bloody jumper, play with some passion, but most of all, play for yourselves and each other.
Your a joke right now Warriors, and I for one am embarrassed to even say I support you.