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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Ryan Hoffman, Sam Rapira, Konrad Hurrell and Dominique Peyroux have all been called into the Vodafone Warriors’ squad for Saturday night’s 23rd-round encounter with the Penrith Panthers at Pepper Stadium (5.30pm kick-off local time; 7.30pm NZT).

Hoffman is set for his first game since a calf injury forced him off the field only 22 minutes into the final State of Origin match in Brisbane on July 8.

The New South Wales back rower has missed the Vodafone Warriors’ last five games against Melbourne, the Sydney Roosters, Manly, Cronulla and St George Illawarra. His last game for the club was against Canberra on June 27.

He comes into the second row for his 260th career game alongside Raymond Faitala-Mariner while captain Simon Mannering moves back to loose forward.

With senior forward Ben Matulino suspended for three games, long-serving Sam Rapira has been named to start in the front row in what will be his fourth appearance this season and the 173rd of his career.

There are two changes in the starting backline with Dominique Peyroux named in the centres and Jonathan Wright moving to the left wing for the injured Manu Vatuvei (shoulder). It’s not yet known how long Vatuvei will be out.

After playing for the club’s New South Wales Cup side last week, centre Konrad Hurrell returns on the interchange alongside front rowers Albert Vete, Sam Lisone and Charlie Gubb.

“It’s been a really tough period for us with injuries and our form,” said McFadden.

“This week we’ve lost Manu and we’re also without Ben through suspension on top of the other key players we’re already missing through injury.

“Fortunately we have Ryan back at last. We’ve obviously missed him while Sam also gives us plenty of experience.

“Dom has been working hard in the NSW Cup much of the season and he’ll provide plenty of energy while Konrad will give us impact from the bench.”

Peyroux will play his fifth NRL match of the year – he was 18th man last week – while Hurrell will make his 10th first-grade appearance of the season.

The Vodafone Warriors and Penrith both go into this week’s contest struggling for form. The Vodafone Warriors have lost their last four matches while the Panthers have had five defeats on end since beating South Sydney on July 3.

In 34 matches between the two sides, the Vodafone Warriors have won 15 and drawn one with the Panthers winning 18. Of the 17 games in Penrith, the Panthers have a 9-7 edge with one draw with the Vodafone Warriors last winning there in 2012.

Pepper Stadium, Penrith
5.30pm, Saturday, August 15





Good to see no wasted bench spot for Havili. Am equally happy that Cappy is sticking to his guns by not promoting Hurrell directly into the starting lineup and making him work for it. Disappointed about him not giving Fish a go at the back and putting Tomkins in the halves...such a shame that most fans feel that Tomkins best spot is in the halves rather than fullback, yet we will never see him play there.
Like DP and Sammy in the side great to have Hoffman back and having mannering back at his best position at 13. RFM needs to sort those hands out this week and put some effort in on D
I see they have that budding cellist on the wing again. Watch for the entire team sliding right if the Panthers players even breath in that direction. Townsend's back to give the side a much needed reminder of why they miss Shaun Johnson. Konrad could spend his entire time on the field doing cartwheels and he still wouldnt be the one making a mockery of this game.
I'm pissed off he didn't drop Townsend after his performance on Saturday. His kicking was shit , passing even worse and is just useless in general. What else annoys me is cappy said anyone who didn't perform would be dropped , Chad didn't and should of been dropped. So he drops Konnie and wright etc when they don't perform but Chad gets off Scott free. It's not like we would lose anything with fish at fb Tompkins at 6 , tui at 7 as Tompkins said he's just as comfortable at 6 as 1. Not happy with cappy.
Good to see Hoffman back (not sure about Peyroux but guess right now that stocks are very limited and at least he plays with effort) but have come to the realisation that Townsend is really McCrappys long lost son.
That is a really strong bench all things considered, Im glad to see Hurrell back in the team. And think him coming out of the bench is where his talents are best used, at the moment.

However, the one gripe/issue I have with his selection is McFadden said that there are things that Hurrell 'needs to work on' now tell me are we suppose to assume that in one week all of those work ons have been fixed?

This continual giving a player one game in the NRL and then dropping them back to NSW cup or vice versa. How is that suppose to help a player's confidence as there is no consistency in selection or help with team continuity?
Happy with the team except one big exception.Cappy said earlier that players "would be held accountable" presumably that means that if they have a bad game they will be dropped.The fact that Townsend is still in there means that Cappy therefore thinks he did not have a bad game.If that is the case I really wonder what in Cappy's brain constitutes a bad game.Townsend was atrocious,if he plays any worse it would be which stage I would imagine that Cappy would say yes he needs to be dropped (but at the moment I wouldn't be sure even about that).

What we can take from this is that Konnie gets dropped at a level which is,by inference,between Chads atrocious and Chads diabolical but Chad doesn't.Doesn't seem particularly fair or consistent to me.

Cappy has brought in Dom P to,I imagine,stiffen up the defence,only problem with that is that with Chad in the form that he is at the moment we have absolutely zero attack.Penrith will only need to score about 2 points and I reckon they win......simple as that.Remember 2 points have been enough in the last 2 weeks.
Thanks Chad,Thanks Cappy.
It's a joke at the moment and a not particularly funny one.
Hey Chad have you still got any of that knob polish left that you have been using lately.Don't forget to take it home back to Aussie when you go.
Here comes another hiding. Can Chad play worse than he did last game? That's the only point of interest for me this week.

I think I would have rested Hoff the rest of the season. Be good to let him have even more time away after the head knocks, he's too important for next season. Either way, this calf injury was really a blessing in disguise as it forced him to take time out.
I think I would have rested Hoff the rest of the season. Be good to let him have even more time away after the head knocks, he's too important for next season. Either way, this calf injury was really a blessing in disguise as it forced him to take time out.
we paying him to play aye...why would you rest him. There is still a theoretical chance to play finals (although its pretty slim), so we need everyone who isn't injured in there...If he keeps having concussion issues, then he can retire and release the salary cap for us so we can sign someone else
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