Post Match NRL 2015 - Rnd 2 - Raiders vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00
While I agree with what you have said when comparing Luck to those other two.....I would very much have liked to have seen what Luck could have inspired in this team as Captain.

I don't want to kick off a Mannering Captaincy debate....there was is a thread for that somewhere.

Would it be fair to say that Mannerings style is not of the Campion / Price class either ? ( rhetorical)
You pose another great question there Sup. Manners is more in the Luck class, no nonsense get the job done whereas I feel the introduction of Hoffman this year has seen a new leadership model emerge. Hoffman has definitely taken a load off Manners shoulders and has that leadership air around him. The youngsters must feel inspired to be playing alongside him and will all lift their games as they did with Campion and Price.
Just need a hooker and a kicker now.
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I really do not share the positive feelings about this game that a lot seem to have.
We did not play well and we only won cause Raiders are shit.
Our last tackle plays were horrible and we dropped too much ball, we bombed 2 certain tries and couldn't land a knockout blow or get a field goal.
We only completed 66% and there is daylight between us and the Rabbits and Chooks.
All I can say is a win is a win and thats great to get off the duck but we have major problems with our kicking, handling and communication.
Thank fuck we have an easy opening month.

I feel ya.

I get the frustrations, we expect so much more from the boys. I dont know about anyone else but im gonna start with low and build expectation as the boys build on the field. Its a long season and my screen doesnt need to hear me threatening to pick it up and throw it out the window every weekend. The team are slow starters and thats cause they need time to sort themselves out on the field and they will come alive in the mid'ish rounds, then drop down again, only to pick themselves up and make that 'all or nothing' final rounds run for the top 8.

It is what it is at the moment, things need to be sorted out, it makes it harder seeing some teams already looking like they're in top form and ready for the finals. Our boys will get there, they just need to show up every game day. . . . . and remove that shitty orange from their jerseys, these are the Warriors, not tiggers.