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01 Jan 1970 12:00

Are we genuine top 4 contenders?

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Sydney Roosters 24 vs 0 New Zealand Warriors



Man of the Match?
Did Shaun Johnson repeat his efforts from last week?
Did we hold or drop the ball?
Did the bench work?
How did Sam Rapira go?
Was our defence up to the task?
How was Roosters defensive line and structure?
Hows our top 8 prospects looking now?


Dont forget to rate the players...
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It was a real good defensive effort from the roosters. Best defense in the comp probably.

We looked good in patches but when we didn't complete our sets we got hammered.

Didn't get into a grind when they were rushing our play makers out of the game.

Couldn't get away enough quality offloads, and didn't sap their energy enough to do our thing.

If we were going to win that game it would have been a 6 - 4 grind fest and we're not at that level yet...

Well played roosters...
Could have had a chance if we held the ball and converted a few chances in that first 30mins. Maybe we rely on our backs too much, forwards got totally rolled, non existant. Overall terrible performance from everyone.
Tomkins - solid
Lolohea - solid
Kata - got shit on by ferguson time and time again
Fusitua - different player to last week
Chad - dummied hard
Johnson - overplayed his hand
Mutts - outplayed by roosters pack
Friend - actually played pretty well
Lillyman - as per mutts
Thompson - non existant
RFM - played hard
Mannering - played hard

Rapira - why not lisone? Raps has played what 3 games this season? No impact
Vete - probably our best forward IMO
Lousi - never will play a first grade game again, not even nsw cup level player, he is, just shit
Havilli - limited mins, didn't even play hooked so.. No impact either

Overall, shithouse, bring on the heartache of playing manly...
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Terrible game, we played like shit full stop from 1 through 17

Lousi is a waste of space for mine. twice he has the ball with space and he looks for the tackle and runs at it. Never been a fan and he's done nothing to prove me otherwise.

Totally dominated across the park, good watching the Kata and Fergusson battle


Warriors Orange Peeler

Beautiful shut out by the Roorters. First comment should go to congratulating them on a fine effort.

Warriors had their typical error prone game but the fact is we were just blown away by the Chicks with speed and aggression in the 1st half. There was no matching them in any sense. We werent even in the same ballpark as them.

Not sure why Shaun Johnson didnt show up to his 100th game but the ball he did get he was marked very tightly. Its times like that when his free range game becomes undone and he's left with nothing at all to go on. Wonder whether his groin injury had anything to do with it.

Poorest effort was from our two centres who both had a shocker. Have to laugh at people talking them up after one game. Particularly David Fusitua. Kid cant even run a cut back line. Both players got well owned. Poor Solomone Kata got schooled by Blake the minge grabber. Hopefully theres a big lesson in there for them and they become better for it.

Really obvious how pathetic our sets get off to without Manu Vatuvei and Konrad Hurrell to start them off. They were sorely missed. Once the first 3 tackles from our goal line were dominated the likes of Ben Matulino and Jacob Lillyman didnt stand a chance of getting a roll on against a well set Rooters line. Konnies attacking ability would have offered a lot more than Fusitua who went missing apart from when he was getting run around.

Also missed was Ryan Hoffman and Charlie Gubb. Both for their defensive qualities. It was cringeworthy watching the Warriors try tackle high and get owned. Times like that against big teams like that you really have to chop them down from around the ankles which is Gubbcitys speciality. Kata especially could have done with that technique. Wrestle is only good in league when you are bigger or stronger than your opposition. Particularly when youre standing flat against a rampaging runner.

Not too disappointed really as we were going to win this only through a major miracle. Safe to say that based off that effort we wont be winning the Premiership and will be lucky to make the top 8. Still have hope but its familiar territory for all us longtime fans...
For what it's worth......I'm not disappointed. I predicted this result.

That Roosters team is SERIOUSLY stacked with talent. I would love to know how they stay under the cap with all those stars.
I think they all take unders and top up with third party deals...

Exactly what we need to be doing...


We were dominated again by their forward pack. Cant blame our backs too much when we are always on the back foot, however I think only Tomkins, Townsend and Lolohea can really hold their heads up with the effort they put in. Shaun Johnson some really dumb plays and then missing in action. Cappy really needs to look at his bench. We will continue to get monstered by the good sides when we carry the bench that we have. Souths, Roosters, Cowboys, and even the Broncos will dominate us in the middle were it counts.

Back to the usual clueless, error making, penalty give away side from before.

Game just shows that dominating weaker sides with flash and dazzle is a lot different to being a quality side who can foot it with the better teams.

If you think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke will make much difference next season to our inconsistency then you might be expecting to much.
I want number to lifeline included in my next membership package because I don't know about you guys but after watching that game I am depressed beyond tablets, I have gone beyond pills ! Dude pathetic display from everybody across the park. Everybody except Tomkins who even though he didn't manage to score points did save couple of certain tries from Roosters. Too many errors, not enough promotion of football, too many poor fifth tackle options ! Just usual shit from NZ Warriors. :(
WOW!! A lesson for all. If we want to be a serious top four team we were shown what we need to aspire to. The Roosters are a level above where we are. We can get there but man do we need to make some changes. Some mental, maybe mostly, and some personnel. Lousi has to finally go. Rapira too. Havilli was a wasted bench space. The rest tried but they were out thought, out enthused, and just out played. The Roosters were calm and methodical and totally professional and didn't let us recover from early mistakes. We will get better but it is going to take a lot of work on each of the players top two inches
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A few points i picked out.

Roosters are a far better team and stacked with great athletes and talent. We are not as good as them, as simple as that.

Our attack was very lateral today, wasn't as direct as I'd like it.

The roosters game plan was 2 fold. Test the edges on attack as much as possible. Tick. Shut down shaun on out the back play. Tick

Kata got given a master class by a specialist centre. It was like watching MJ going one on one and just taking it to the hole every time. Ferguson is stronger, longer, more athletic, better footwork and awareness. It wouldve been a humbling experience for Kata unfortunately.

We couldnt match it in the forwards. They have a huge pack, they will go a long way in the playoffs off that pack.

Every kick option made today was horrible. every single one.

This team will make the 8 but will fall out first round. We are not a top 4 calibre team but we will get enough wins on the road to the finals to get in say 6th position.

The reason we aren't contenders is the fight under pressure. There was no real desire to try and get back in it, there was no real risks taken which i think wouldve been warranted being down 4 tries and there was no hunger to fight although to let one try in the second half is note worthy i suppose.

Lastly there was no adjustment to the game plan which i think has been an issue with mine. They didnt adjust to the johnson getting shut down on out the backs. For one you could've had johnson stand deeper. skip him if maloney shoots or kick in behind maloney. The fact they cant adjust to teams game plans worries me.
This site running about as fast as Fusitua

Out coached, out muscled, out worked.....out everythinged....The Rabbits and Roosters have showed us that there black belts and the Warriors are white belts

Unforced errors is the monkey wrench is this Warriors side, Its mind numbing the stupidity of some of these guys too constantly put themselves in a hole

Cappy's use of bench is retarded... other than Vete Cappy selected a zero bench and got zero from it. Rapira has been done for a few seasons now, Lousi needs to piss off to the Waratahs with his brother, And Havili is just a passenger

Tomkins,Lolohea, Mannering,Thompson,Vete showed up the rest prffftttttt

Love to see Fish in the side next week with a license to roam
I think one thing we need to work on is forgetting the last game...

It looked like we were expecting this game to go the same way as the Melbourne game.. It was completely different with their rushing defense shutting our halves down and we needed to play a different game plan to get an advantage.

Next week hopefully we aren't expecting Manly to do to us what the Roosters just did...
I'm actually not as disappointed as you would expect given the scoreline. The handling errors in the first half killed us, and the Roosters were good enough to make us pay. They physically dominated us, but that's where we really missed Vatuvei, Hurrell and Hoffman getting us out of our own end. The Roosters really push the limits of the refs and on another day we would get a few penalties to get us out of trouble, but given the media this week it was never going to happen.

Kata got schooled, but Ferguson is an incredible player when he's fit and not in some kind of trouble. He'll do that to plenty of players between now and the grand final.

Tomkins had probably his best game of the year though. I was also very impressed with Vete.