Post Match NRL 2015 - Rnd 16 - Warriors vs Raiders Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00
New Zealand Warriors 30 vs 8 Canberra Raiders

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Thoughts? Man of the Match? Who won the forward battle? Did we hold or drop the ball? Did the bench work? Charlie Gubb and Raymond Faitala-Mariner step up again? Edge defence or lack thereof?


Rate the players...
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Our best performance of the year thus far. I get the feeling that this is the team we could have been all season if Tomkins had been fit.

Hurrell had some poor moments in the first half, but aside from that, not a member of the 16 that played today can hang their heads in shame. I was particularly happy with our defense. Only one try let in! Great effort by the team.
That was the game I was hoping for
We dominated possession again and ran them off the park in the last quarter...

How good is Tomkin's for our attack? That good...

Cubb and Raymond gave some real impact.. Our forward depth looks awesome all of a sudden...

Scoreless raiders on the second half. Almost impossible to lose when we do that... Almost:nailbiting:...
Good performance. Would rather have another forward on the bench if Havili won't play - but I guess he was there as cover.

Raiders looked pretty bad, but were pushing us hard from 60-75. Good composure from our spine - only critique would be Shaun kicking dead 3 or 4 times.

Bring on the Storm
So good to see it starting to gel. Is it just Tomkins back bringing some confidence and organisation? Or practice and more game time making things click? Whatever it is long may it last. Awesome to see the team playing like professionals


This year yet?
Very happy with tonight's performance, seem to have clicked into a nice game plan the last 3weeks or so-holding the #1 attacking team to 1 try is pretty decent too
As for the team
Tomkins-solid game LOVE the organisation he brings to the team
Lolohea- looks good on the wing, didn't realise how quick he was!
Hurrell- on the improve with a revised running style. Still a couple of dumb errors
Kata- nice solid game, really growing into first grade.
Manu- solid game, looked to pick up an injury early on which seemed to effect his impact a little but came back strong.
Chad-solid game, enjoyed his running- was a little "hookerish" IMO...
Shaun Johnson- form getting better and better great game
Lillyman- usual head down strong effort
Friend-Been drinking stem cells or something because he's looking rejuvenated
Matulino-Another beastly effort love his speaking with actions demeanour
Thompson-going from strength to strength
Hoffman- solid effort
Mannering-ditto, nice to see we can survive a stint with him on the bench
Havili- what's the point...
RFM- bit of a cameo but a very solid cameo
Vete- continuing his commendable showings
Gubb looking better each week
Can't really decide on a MOM, was a great team effort. Goodbye Seb and hello Charlie! Liking this team, really enjoyed the game and bring on the next one, Yee-ha.................. :joyful::joyful::joyful:
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RFM could be the impact player we need come finals time. Him, Havili, Vete, Lisone. The season is following the pattern I predicted at the beginning of the year so far. The backline has had time to gel combinations and they're clicking. The spine looks dangerous because every player around them is also dangerous.

Canberra has some big boys but they got crushed. Top 4 a real possibility now.