Post Match NRL 2015 - Rnd 13 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00
South Sydney Rabbitohs 36 vs 4 NZ Warriors


Thoughts? Man of the Match? Any ACL ruptures?


Rate the players...
Absolute toweling and we deserved it. That second half was nothing short of soft. We were chasing the game but that was unacceptable.
Our forwards couldn't hang with theirs and rolled us in the middle. How often are we lying in the tackle when they play the ball?
Big lesson for the rookies especially tonight cause they were right out of their depth.
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There’s always next year.
never seen so many shirt grabs in 80 min.

school boys stuff.

team should be embarrassed with themselves.

especially some of our seasoned vets.

The Warriors got some bad calls in the first half but they were still in the game 8-4. After Mannering went off they just capitulated and even though he came back in the 2nd half they just got worse. Bad signs for this team for the rest of the season, their fitness which has looked so good so far looked the exact opposite today. They looked out of gas after 20minutes
Well, our defence is still shit.

It's worrying when you hear interviews with the players and coach, emphasising defence yet we still seem to be unable to make our one-on-one tackles stick?

An ode to my bro facefacts - Lolo wasn't great and Manu was shit
on D tonight, but that went across the whole team tbh.

Big wake up call. Still can't hang with the big boys, and we might not be able to this season if tonight (and the last 3 weeks) is anything to go by.
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We were shit tonight but can someone tell me where is the accountability for the incompetence of the officials. League is about momentum and any call that gives the other side an advantage means you lose petrol from the tank with no gain.
Eventually you fall over.
While we didn't do ourselves any favours, I would expect not only changes to the side next week but also a $10k fine with a ref bash.


This year yet?
Refs were disgraceful tonight but we matched it with our handling. Deserved to lose by more than we did is the only bright side.
Not expecting much against the roosters at least.
Unfortunately this confirmed we are a mid table side at best, a place in the 8 will count as a successful season I'm afraid.
Fuck I hate Souths:(
Fuck I hate Maxwell:(


Think that performance has been coming, the flip side of winning ugly is when you keep playing ugly, and come up against better competition, your in trouble.

Did get a bad feeling as soon as I saw jarred maxwell, now that Hayne has gone he is as corrupt as they get. But because the Warriors embarrassed themselves, they don't get the right to complain.

We Haven't beaten a good team since the panthers last June, that's coming up a year of beating the also rans and getting thumped by the better sides, McFadden might get his dream roster next year, but he has shown no evidence he can get these players to wins over the big sides.

MoM is fairly pointless, Hoffman about a 6 out of 10 might have been the best of the lot, maomalo tried hard.