General NRL 2015 - Rnd 13 - Rabbitohs v Warriors Gameday Chatter

Who will win?

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors Janfin Special 6

  • DRAW

  • Rabbitohs 12-

  • Rabbioths 13+

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So sick of groundhog day. I don't care how big the fucken crowd are. Doesn't help us any. We got only 2 penalties..

This is an automatic win for the opposition every year.

That said, I still say Their forwards march down field easier than ours. Is that the hooker or bigger forwards?
It's not a season ending loss
You may say that now, but when it comes down to it at the end of the season, this game will probably be the one that keeps us out of the 8 on points differential.

Minus 30 points from one game is ridiculously hard to come back from especially with the comp so tight this year.
If anyone hears a fellow Warriors fan say something like "but... but... we'd won our last 3! How could this happen? I totally didn't see this coming", you have me express permission to slap them upside the head.
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Last year we had no go forward, we fixed that issue but have lost the ability to tackle an hold the ball. One step forward two steps backs.
There has been a previous post on one of the forums on how we only beat teams below us and possibly only just and to get a gauge of how we are actually tracking for this year we needed to play a team in the top 8. Well, if this a gauge........................... Rubbish game tonite tbh. Hope Roger Tuivasa-Sheck not watching..................:headphone::headphone::headphone:;););)

I hope Luke played with his eyes closed all game. I guarantee you someone from Souths exec/admin will be reminding him that he still has time to change his mind (not that I really think he will). Still, what must he think after that performance?
just a terrible last 50 minutes and I think the Warriors have got away with murder in the second half, kicking the ball in the play of the ball, knock ons. Just a poor poor poor effort.. really terrible.
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