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Did they misunderstand a talk from The Mad Butcher before the game?

Very even game here. Pretty lucky to be ahead thanks to that try we were given. I'd like to think we'll be able to grind it out thanks to their inferior team, but if we play like we did against the Eels we're fucked.

Inb4 Knights win by 1 thanks to a 79thmin Field Goal. Cheers Shaun...


Boy, this is lacking intensity, Warriors going through the motions, Knights severely depleted. Will be an all timer of a loss if they muck this up.

Should still get it done, their goal kicker is even worse than ours.
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We're rusty but in front. Need to kick on in the 2nd half.

These commentators are Friend fanbois. 2 friggin penalties since he came on. Havili played well and has a good pass. More minutes please.
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We need to go up a gear or two hear. It looks like we are doing it too easy for our own good. Time to lift the intensity, our defence is lacking a bit of sting as well.
4 pieces of bad play really have kept the Knights in this.

Tomkins fumble at dummyhalf leads to Hoffman getting isolated and burnt by a fast guy.

A penalty given away late in the count leading to Manu giving Uate a smidgen too much room.

Otherwise we should be all over these guys. We're keeping them in it.
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