Post Match NRL 2015 - Rnd 10 - Eels vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00


Warriors Orange Peeler
Parramatta Eels 13 vs 17 New Zealand Warriors


Thoughts? Man of the Match? How did our right edge go? Dominique Peyroux? Sione Lousi? Cappy use the bench better? Were our hookers effective?


Rate the players...
Man this sets us up amazingly.

.500 record going into the bye and Origin.

Injured guys get another week to recoup.

Rest up boys!! You deserve it!
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Definitely need the bye next week, made the win that much sweeter. Thompson and mannering for man of the match, both incredible work rates when we needed it most. We all knew that slaughter was coming with that edge defense but extremely happy we hung on.


We have done well to win considering the injury toll...


You can't ignore some massive issues. This Parra team is only a tad above NSW Cup quality in my opinion and we did plenty to help them make us look average as fuck.

I know people blow up about the refs but offs, we give away so many stupid penalties and almost always at the exact wrong time.

Bodene Thompson was extremely good today apart from the try, those people who don't rate him need to understand what type of player he is... he is really good at what he does, but what he does isn't what some people want from our back row... too bad, he came through with his best performance for us.

Hoffman will be back next week but I will be surprised if Tommy Googleyes isn't a gone burger for the year.

Johnson looked much busier but I think it was him who played at the ball and gifted them another six... excruciatingly stupid play... and his combination with Lolohea is abysmal.

Townsend for me was poor.

Wright should be the first back picked these days, he is so solid and reliable.
Maumalo was a total and utter non-event.

Good to win, but in all honesty, even with the injuries we should have owned those clowns.