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This has been such a shit 20 minutes. I guess our poor 20 has moved from the first 20 in 2013 to the second twenty in 2014 to the third 20 in 2015 ....


Im so impressed with our rookies... Even if we lose it has been really good for them and gives me faith.
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Good to see Manu covering up after the missed bomb by Lolohea...

seen some good signs of effort this game... Chad putting people on their backs in the tackle, Hoffman running back covering offloads, people looking to get their arms free in tackles, support runners... lots of small things... this game hasn't clicked, but if they keep doing the little things - we should win more than we lose...

in terms of when Tomkins is back from injury - I'm liking Lolohea at the back. Could Townsend take the bench hooker/utility spot off Friend? As much as I like Friend - he doesn't really do it for me off the bench...
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