General not to late to get the wooden spoon

If Brown was still here Id say our maiden Spoon was highly possible. You pick the worst coach in the League to fix management issues and you get all kinds of negative record capabilities. At least Brown leaves as our worst coach in history. I told ya'll Brown was the worst possible move and SK wasnt the problem and that problem is still in the team.

Anyway, no chance under King Stacey, he wouldnt let that happen.

Damn the shape our backs have on offense with him in charge, he has has them set further back to negate line speed and its working.
It's theoretically possibly still eh...
Yes…. the Titans currently killing manly they will only be 4 points behind, us, Knights and the Dogs on 14 points… 3 games to play (max 6 points up for grabs).

We have the cowboys and panthers to play… and finish with the Titans. Realistically we won’t win either of the next 2 games And you would hope a last round home game advantage should see us beat the Titans. But you never bet on the Warriors!

Titans have the Dragons, Knights and then us. could easily see them win the next 2 games…making a spoon bowl in the last round a chance!

Knights have the Raiders, Sharks and Titans… they should struggle to win any of them making them a very real chance for the spoon!

Tigers have Roosters, Dragons and Raiders. Realistically only a win over the Dragons should be possible but by no way guaranteed. Could also realistically lose all 3. Squeaky bum time for the Tigers fans who are now in last position and odds on favourites for the spoon.

The Dogs have the Eels, Sharks and the Sea Eagles. Should be a strong chance to lose all 3, but could tip over manly looking at them playing today!

In summary…. we are still an outside chance, but I’d be putting my bookie money on the Tigers to take the spoon ahead of the Knights, Dogs, us or the Titans.
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The result of the Titans v Sea Eagles game would explain why the "Who Do You Think You Are?" episode about me indicated no relationship with Nostradamus but did prove that my Grand x15 Father was Nostradumbass...
Does this make anyone feel better?

No! I honestly think it comes down to our last game - “SPOONBOWL” for sure man!

Our F&A isn’t helping and that’s before Cows and Panthers away….

Beat the Cows and I’ll relax but not bloody likely…
I can see it now. Tigers for the spoon. Warriors 1 off the bottom(we have the hardest draw). Titan can win their next 2.
Cannot see the tigers winning any of the last 3.