General New Rules for 2021

Sometimes the other side just simply deserves to win.

I think one of the good things about rugby league has been the fact that a field goal is only worth 1 point.

It's the kind of thing you only do if you're even or 6 points ahead of your opposition to put the nail in. It's never been a valid "we just get in their 30, centre field, pass it to Chanel, he nails a field goal" all game strategy as happens sometimes in rugby union.

And sometimes neither team deserves to win. Which is why I don't like Golden Point. I can't think of a game that's gone to Golden Point where one of the teams hasn't blown a 12 point - or sometimes more - lead. If one team blows a decent lead they don't deserve 2 competition points but the team that gave them that decent lead, even although they clawed it back, they don't deserve 2 competition points either.
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Union players can slot them pretty regularly. They aren’t often done though as it’s seen a cheap way to score points. Teams have been based around it and done very well. The English team used it successfully.
To put it in perspective Dan Carter only ever kicked 8 drop goals for the All Blacks and Johnson kicked 13 for the Warriors.
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