General New look for NRL favourites


By James Phelps
December 22, 2006



MEET the NRL premiership favourites.

Looking more like the Village People then premiership hot-shots the Bulldogs yesterday put on their best fancy dress for their final training session of the year.

Dressed in knee-high rainbow coloured stockings and mini skirts, the Bulldogs pounded the pads at North Cronulla surf club with renown boxing trainer Les Motto.

They might have looked anything but fearsome in their fancy dress but interchange forward Dallas McIlwain said the Bulldogs will be raring to go come March for season kick off.

"It was a fun way to finish off a gruelling pre-season.'' he said. "The boys have been training harder then ever and we can't wait until the season kicks off. We have a long way to go and still have a lot of hard work to put after Christmas but things are shaping up well.''

McIwain thanked his girlfriend for his rainbow inspired outfit. "It all came out of her bottom drawer.''

At 115kgs, giant rookie prop Jarrad Hickey said he had no problems finding something tight to squeeze into. "I'm not quite sure what I was suppose to be.'' he said.

"I just grabbed the tightest most ridiculous clothes I could find and put them on. I think Adam Perry looked pretty good as a chick in his fishnet stockings and mini-skirt. He could have almost passed as Daniel Holdsworth's twin.

"Corey Hughes made a pretty good Elvis too. We were all glad he didn't try and sing any of his hits though.''

Hickey said it was a fun way to end the year. "It was a heap of fun,' he said. "It is good to have fun with training. It wasn't all laughs though as the session was still pretty full on. And I found out that skin tight Lycra gets pretty hot when you begin to sweat.''

Having been installed at $6.00 favourites to win the premiership, the Bulldogs will be hoping the fancy dress outfits come back out on October 4, for grand final winning celebrations.


Aww they are pretty :D

Yay is the GF on October 4????????????? Cos thats my bday..and I want another premiership for my present 2004 =]


Muahahaha!! That's so funny. Almost as bad as the Kangaroos trainning in that rainvow stuff a month or so ago (which was pretty damn funny).


yeah thats what i was thinkin. i guess thats the new image of the doggys lol


There tactic must be to kill their oposition with laughter...In that get up it might just work!!