Support/Announcement New Features - 2020


Some new features for season 2020 are outlined below:

- Lists all Warriors matches for 2020 (With dates/times as per your user timezone settings).
- Displays associated threads per match i.e. Pick Your Team, Team List, Matchday thread and Post Game Reactions.
- Displays Player Ratings per match.

Player Ratings
- Rate Players based on how they played for each completed match.
- See how others rated the players
- Indicators to display which players played well, average or bad.
- You will be able to start rating the game as soon as the game has started.

Example Fixtures with match information, and associated match threads.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 2.15.02 pm.png

The 4 icons (when hovered) show what type of thread is linked i.e. Pick Your Team, Team List, Match day, and Post Match. Clicking on the thread will take you back to revisit the thread in more detail as desired.

Player Ratings Video:
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