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Nathaniel Roache Get Well Gift


As you would have all seen Nathaniel Roache injured himself in his first game back from injury šŸ˜­ . My heart broke seeing him sitting on the sideline shattered at what looks to be yet another lengthy stint in the rehab room. Personally I'd be contemplating calling it on my career. One can only imagine the anguish going the poor kids head right now so I thought I'd pass a hat around to get him a gift to let him know we cared. Got some good leads already on stuff he likes. Big fan of country music lol.

Anyway, if you are interested in chipping in let me know. Just looking at getting him something small like this forum has done in the past, rather ironically, for Jerome Ropati and Ben Henry. Feel free to leave messages of support as well which I'll make sure will get to him...


Iā€™ve sent some via PayPal again Welly.

Nate - Kia Kaha brother. Terrible news and truly undeserved. Of all the Warriors to go through this Nate - youā€™d be my pick to do it and do it with real grit. I donā€™t know you mate but you appear to have a lot of ticker, and I think youā€™ll make it back soon. Good luck, stand strong and push on.

Welly - thanks for organising, we appreciate it.


Rippin' and a Tearin'
The dude just lives down the road from me and his daughter and my son go to the same daycare - which just makes his struggles even more real and personal for me. I was really hoping he was going to have an awesome game on the weekend, but instead we got tragedy.

Let me know the best way to contribute, but happy to chip some money in.

Nate - Sometimes life can be harshest on those least deserving of it. You have always been truely exciting to watch, and we all are looking forward to seeing you on the field again soon. Look after yourself and take comfort that your family, teammates and fans are all behind you 100%! Whether in league or life, we support you!
I said it at the start of the year but sadly he's the next Ben Henry and probably not far away from retirement. It's a real shame :(
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Devisated to see this happen to someone with so much potential, was hoping it wasn't gonna be the ACL.
Really enjoyed the glimpses we seen. A really good line break through the panthers(?) Earlier in the season.
*Mt.welli I'll send you a personal message
Nate mate, I watched that injury in slo-mo and I haven't been able to walk properly since. I've never seen a leg move that way. If it were me I'd hang up my boots and use your experience to become a sports physio or a doctor while you can still walk, none of us would blame you if you did. Then again, I never had an ounce of your talent or mental fortitude so I won't be surprised to see you back on the field again next year. Whatever you decide, much love and respect to you kid, shalom and arohanui.

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