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Brown aboard as new coach
Richard Becht &
Sat 8 Aug 2020, 11:59 AM

Vodafone Warriors CEO Cameron George has today confirmed the vastly-experienced Nathan Brown as the club’s new head coach.

The 47-year-old former St George Illawarra and Newcastle coach has been secured on a three-year deal to the end of the 2023 NRL season.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to have Nathan as our new head coach,” said George.

“He has had an extensive involvement in the game as both a first-grade player and then as a coach in the NRL and the Super League.

“He already has a relationship with our players, football staff and our club after being with us as a coaching consultant working with our hookers this season.

“Nathan’s a terrific person who brings tremendous qualities to the role in every sense.”

Brown has a career total of almost 450 matches coaching NRL clubs St George Illawarra and Newcastle as well as Huddersfield and St Helens in the English Super League. As a hooker, he made 172 first-grade appearances for St George and St George Illawarra before becoming an NRL coach at the age of 29.

“I’m a career coach. I just love coaching and this job with the Vodafone Warriors is a fantastic opportunity,” he said.

“I spent time in Auckland during the preseason and was really impressed with the whole set-up, the players and the staff throughout the organisation.

“The Vodafone Warriors are hugely important to the competition. We’ve seen that this year with the sacrifices they’ve made to keep the NRL going. I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

During his playing career, Brown played in three grand finals in 1993, 1996 and 1999.

After coaching St George Illawarra for six seasons, he spent six seasons in the Super League where he took the Huddersfield Giants to the Challenge

Cup final and guided St Helens to grand final success over Wigan in 2014.

Born: July 31, 1973
Birthplace: Maclean, New South Wales
Coaching Career:
St George Illawarra Dragons coach 2003-2008

Yup very happy to get in behind and forget all the other talk about super coaches and now finally the playing group and fans can just enjoy some good football this season. Can't wait to see if there is anymore details about goulds role specifically from management, also excited to see what they do with the off contract players and how they go about finding some new faces for the 21 season!

To Nathan Brown, im sure you know the magnitude of being a coach for this warriors club I really hope you can make your mark at this club and that its a positive one.

To the owners, im sure you did try to get the big dawg but it didn't eventuate. Getting gus involved could be a marster stroke, just make sure you now keep your lap dog CG on a tight leash. I will say many of us here are sick and tired of hearing his voice. Take a back seat george and just focus on the business side of the club would you!
I am Glad they got it sorted quickly after Payton said no - I wonder if Payton said no as I am sure Gould was in the plans while they were looking for a coach and Payton did not want Gould to have too much say in what Payton wanted to do - I mean Gould would not have been a last minute thing. They better sign some players now as we cannot afford to go into next season with no players as they would only put pressure on Brown
I guess once Payten 'fessed up, that made the Warriors make things official faster than maybe they would have liked.

I'm happy enough with Brown. Just so long as he doesn't copy our Dear Departed First Auckland Mayor's "My name is Brown!/You're In My Town!" schtick. Since he doesn't have hair, he might want to let his fingernails grow.

You could say Covid-19 pretty much ruled out Wane and Woolfe as there's no way those guys would be able to get here, pre-existing commitments to England/World Cup etc notwithstanding.

So it was the damn Chinese Commies fault!

First thing will be to see how many assistants Brown wants to bring in from his previous experiences versus being happy with the people currently employed.

If I'm Brown, one of the first things I'm arguing very loudly for is either for the Canterbury Cup team to be re-animated or changed to the Queensland Rugby League comp, whatever that's called. But that ship might have, at least for a year or two, sailed.
Glad they have it sorted sooner than later so they can look to recruitment plans for 21. Hope Payton can stick around for another year, probably won't. Re Brown I'm kind of indifferent tbh, initially when his name was mentioned as frontrunner I got kind of 'Elliot' vibes, SURELY can not go as bad as those or the Bluey days? Surely?

I think you can never tell with this club who will work out as a great coach or not, much like players coming here. Proof will be in the puddings.
Happy to let him start with a clean slate. Well at least until Bluey's round. Round 6 the gloves are off.

He probably has the biggest job for a new coach coming in since Anderson. Anderson had to rebuild a new squad after the club went under and needed to re-sign players and recruit.

Brown has a team he doesn't know if they will be back to normal. Or playing out of Australia again. That makes recruiting hard as players don't know if they need to move their families or not.

Covid or not he will find recruiting here a tougher gig compared to Newcastle.
it would make sense to bring him into camp now and let him refamiliarise himself with the team before the end of the season. That way hes already in the best position to form opinions of todays team, not the precovid team.

they could easily do that and let Payten continue to run the show for the rest of this year. He could then learn what is working for Payten and what isnt.
I’m not convinced on him I’m afraid. The Warriors and Gold Coast would have to be the two hardest coaching jobs in the NRL and it’s going to take a special kind of coach to get this club firing again especially with recruitment. I personally think Bellamy, Bennett, Hasler, Cleary (as we know) and Robinson could do it, but I think others would struggle. Payten has give me hope a lesser coach can turn this around, but he might be the next great coach. Time will tell. Let’s see how we go with recruitment and how we play in our first few games before Brown will convince me otherwise.
I really hope he has what it takes. My main concern is from what I gather his main raps are for being a rebuild coach. These last few games have shown we don't need to rebuild from the ground up at all. Even if we're based in Aus (would probably help actually), we should be looking at fringe 8 next year with a goal to be competing for the top 4 within a year or two of that. If we can spend all the money we're going to have after this season we'll have a pretty solid squad.

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