General My Ivan Cleary theory.


Yeah but he wasn't aiming for the posts, you're making out like it was a kick that went horribly wrong and he was lucky to escape..


I thought he was aiming for the middle, but if he wasn`t then that`s even worse, certainly not a halfback`s decision making. He kicked that field goal nicely against the Storm though, but whenever he kicks in general play, he looks awkward, no balance, I wouldn`t trust him to get his kicks right with a high percentage.


he isn't as erradic as he used to be, thats a sign of maturity. If he plays halfback he doesn't have to kick for territory, just use moon and fien.


sorry, but I remember Ivan being one of the best things in the club last year. Like a couple of other threads have alluded to, the coach at this level shouldn't have to be coaching handling skils (ie; catching and passing, especially catching). Last tackle options are poor. Is this the coach, or the players not thinking. I tend to go with the latter. I hate to say it, but it seems like as soon as Pricey leaves the field, all the leadership seems to go with him. I say stick with it, they will come right. Also, don't forget the boys were shafted last week by some appalling refereeing decisions which I am sure have already been spoken about.
As we say; keep the faith.


Also, let's not forget any impact other coaching staff - Ackland and Iro - have on the first grade side - ie tactics for the next game. I've always thought it's a bit of a bitch being Head Coach/Manager in sport - when things turn to shit, you're the only one who's to blame. To be fair, though, when things turn to gold, who remembers that great assistant coach...Thingy...Whatisname?? So it balances out I guess.
Sorry - Skinny Impersonation!! I just hope that was good enough for an Oscar nomination.
I think Ivan - and Wayne - don't get as much credit as they deserve. Mr Scurrah I'm especially impressed with. Unlike Messrs Watson and Lowe he's never mouthed off in public and stays calm and collected. I'd imagine in private he and Ivan can do Loud if needs be but I don't really go for public ranting and raving...

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