General Merry Christmas for 2013



Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
To one and all from my family to yours have a very merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year,
But remember to play it safe as we are all part of this Warriors Family and 2014 is our year to party.
Cheers Chris
Merry Christmas to you too Chris. Was good to share pics with you. Havent seen a design in awhile?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my forum mates who Ive been in contact with or met.

ramraider78 RUB THE HAWK! Catch up with you at a game bro. Been great talking with you.
Akuma_81 Been great talking with you and thanks for the jersey pics. You know where to find me
tajhay Thanks for fixing stuff and the convo's. Will have that project up asap.
adalu239 Was good to talk and see you during the Nines. Make sure you get in touch.
Gee The man! Thanks for always looking out mate. Appreciate all the PM's. You know how to find me. Keep in touch.
ToiletDuck Take a break already cock!
Sup42 Good to meet you earlier at the members forum.
Buck777 Keep that good oil coming mate. Talk to you soon.
Ever Hopeful (who just had his first kid, CONGRATS) Thanks for showing me your collection mate. Keep in touch
Fenderboy Was good to meet you and John. Catch up at a game.
BA-AD Luck Good to meet you too mate. See you in the posh seats next season. Get the lads back together and lets make some noise up there!
ajofbrisbane Thanks for all the convo's and lets get that Fiji thing rolling in the New Year
Rizzah Thanks for the jersey designs and Im still waiting for that pic mate ;). Still keen to buy too.
warriors4eva Did you get the album?
Beefcake GO THE NINERS!!!
Juju Hope the music industries treating you well. Talk to you soon.
Zarjaz Excellent lol. Been awhile Tharg.
Kalcod Thanks for sharing your pics with me mate.
ssblade Hope the collectings going well mate. See you in Hamilton.
TerryG Thanks for the tips during the year. Almost cracked it a couple times with them.
Raurimu Massive Cheers for the convo's mate. Hope your training is going well.
Moz Hope your loophole use with SC worked. Share tips again on teams in 2014.
Miket12 Thanks for trying to find me work mate. Appreciate and hope the weight loss is still in progress. Inspirational mate.
Melbournewarriorfan Thought we lost you there after the Panthers game but great to have you back.
warriors_ballboy Still waiting for that pic ;)
fanrrior You have been a crack up to talk to. Cheers mate.
ShaunJohnson7 Look forward to talking boxing and the rise of Ropo in 2014 ;)
Jay M ae sole. Malo uso
Mr. Muller MATE MA'A TONGA!!!
Inruin Look forward to joining your DT team again mate.
surfin Was good to hear your PNG stories. I'll be in Coro soon.
Leaguenut76 Thanks for the convo's and goodluck for 2014. PM you soon.
OMG Enjoy your input mate. Rep us up in Perth.
Lord Gnome of Howick MBE Dont be a cock all your life! :D
gREVUS Thanks for the convo's mate
¿N. ig-mah¿ your name is impossible to link! Locked horns with you earlier and I apologise for getting personal. Cheers mate.
wallacenz Been good reading your input mate

To all the admins...


...thanks for all the fantastic work you do behind the scenes making this place tick. Appreciate having an outlet to share, discuss, rant, vent and enjoy my team. I love this place. Hats off.

Sorry if I missed anyone. Merry Christmas to you all. Going to be busy so Happy New Year too. Heres hoping for a great 2014 season from the Warriors. Take care, be merry and drive safe.


Merry Christmas to all the Warriors supporters and their families. Was great to finally meet a few of you in 2013 and put faces to names . Looking forward to 2014 , all the promises a new season brings, renewing old acquaintances and making new Warriors friends and of course winning a heap of games ........... including the big dance.
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Merry Christmas everyone, make the most of what you have, stay safe and see you at the 9's.
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