Player Matt Allwood

Thought I'd start a thread on Matt Allwood.

His two games this season he's scored 3 tries and made 1 error. Missed three tackles and made 6 line/tackle breaks.. Not the worst stats by any means...

Looked sharp against the tigers..

Probably should have gotten more first grade game time this season, but such is life...


Reminds me a bit of Joel Moon for some reason. Has looked fairly comfortable in his limited first grade opportunities. Took his chances. I found it refreshing to have a winger with anticipation and the ability to react to the play. Positioned himself well for both tries. Also, I do remember one instance in the tigers game where he had to follow his centre in to try and shut down the play and they got to the outside. He reacted well, turned and bundled him in to touch well short of the line.
I hope we keep him and have him and Lolohea as our wingers. Probably never happen with Manu locked in to one wing and My milo looked at as a winger. I think Allwood and Tui would bring a dynamic to our wings that we haven't seen at the club for a while now.
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his workrate and involvement last week was poor and for most of the time, hence no starts, we got wingers locally that could do what he does and more so get rid of him
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his workrate and involvement last week was poor and for most of the time, hence no starts, we got wingers locally that could do what he does and more so get rid of him
Can't agree with that at all, in an underperforming TEAM he had a good game (not great) but the team as a whole were poor.
I think he took the most of his chances and I would like to see him get another shot just on his attitude on defence which is what we so desperately need.
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He certainly looked better than Wright, though he comes in way too far off his wing in defence.

Its pretty funny our centres have been roasted all year, he’s allegedly a centre first and wing second … and cappy won’t play him there.
He went well, hard to say when we were the dumb.
Can be come a consistent and solid player.
Showed a few things that our current front line flanks are not doing.

Villiame Lolohea would of been a good flank to keep.
Playing good rugby for The Tasman Makos.
Could be a Crusader nek season the way he is running.

Ngataua Hukatai is another plying his trade in rugby.
He is looked at more for sevens but looks like he is going to go well at Countie Manukau.

Ngani Laumape, Hurricanes cant wait for this wrecking ball to take the field.
Was one of our most consistent outside backs.

Oh well, got to do with what we have.
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looked fat i thought.

Didn't seem particularly fast either, check his chase on the Naqama try. Definitely has his issues defensively, like on the kick to Nofoluma try, was a pretty poor attempt at a tackle. If we works on getting in shape could be decent back-up at least. He's young so he's got more potential than Wright, who we know isn't going to get any better.
I'd put him in the same boat as peyroux- I was against both their signings but considering some the problems we've had in the outside backs the last couple of years and some of the guys who have been picked ahead of them they probably could've seen a bit more game time.
Not fused if he leaves but do we have anyone better coming?