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By The Lurker

Manly's Mateo coup

THE Warriors are set to officially release Feleti Mateo and he will announce a two year deal at Manly within the next 24 hours.

There were doubts over the deal in recent days, with Manly’s ownership struggle raising the possibility of star back-rower Anthony Watmough staying at Brookvale.

But the Sea Eagles have splashed out big dollars for ball-playing forward Mateo, meaning that Watmough is almost certainly on his way to Parramatta.

Watmough is under contract to Manly for 2015 but the two clubs are currently working on a deal to see him move to the Eels.

Mateo will be a big loss to the Warriors and a handy acquisition for Sea Eagles coach Geoff Toovey.

One of the best offloaders of the ball in traffic in the NRL, he is certain to create many chances for Manly’s classy outside backs.


in all honesty Feleti Mateo has failed to perform up to the standard of:

A. the hype.
B. his talent.
C. our requirements of a highly paid import.

I can't see this as anything other than a benefit to our young players and our bank balance.

It would seem that cappy sees him for what he is.
Mateo will be a big loss to the Warriors and a handy acquisition for Sea Eagles coach Geoff Toovey.


Hang on *Catches Breath*

He's never kicked on to the next level that would make him a superstar with his natural ability and if it hasn't happened at age 30, probably never will.
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We are pretty well stocked for back rowers; sure he provides different skills. But those haven't been shown on a consistent basis the last 3 years.

The salary cap space he would free up can be used to recruit someone else. Most likely the centre they have been after but I'd prefer to free up one second rowers salary to move it towards a front rower.

He has provided some good highlights while he was here so thanks for your contributions to the club. Now like a kid throwing out a well used toy after buying the latest in thing hopefully we get a new toy.
Would we be cheeky enough to demand a transfer fee from Manly?

Vetch offered nothing. Interviewed Brad Walters who said it as common knowledge that he had signed. Says the Warriors should be chasing Foran.
Some of the comments on the Zero Tackle article sound like what we would have been like before he signed here. Great pick up he runs hard and another big body like we need on defence.

More evidence a lot of Australians don't watch Warriors games.
From Thursday's story - "The Daily Telegraph is reporting the back-rower has signed with the Manly Sea-Eagles. Warriors recruitment manager Dean Bell says they know nothing about it."

So if this comes through, does Dean Bell think we're all idiots and the negotiations only started Thursday night?

I know he's playing the game and everything - but it's fair to say we cant trust a word that comes out of that man's mouth...
We heard the same denials when McKinnon left for the Tigers. Some of those were from the man himself and his manager.

Since then when the rumours get real strong I tend to believe they will happen and just ignore a lot of the denials.

But yeah Bell maybe could have worded things better. Maybe we get offers for a lot of our players, he's still under contract and we can't comment about any approaches or any speculation.

I know still leave things to fuel further but better then no haven't heard a thing no.
So a talented player whose dedication has been questioned and approach is seen as too lazy is possibly heading off to a club where hard work and commitment are part of a long and successful history...

Anyone else picturing interviews with Mateo stating how the extra intensity in training and the Manly environment is just the thing he needed?
Had to happen. He's done nothing the last 3 seasons. Pity really. 2011 back when he remembered he was a actually a forward and not Wally Lewis reincarnated he was brilliant providing a point of difference in the pack we haven't really seen since. 6.4, 108kgs for some reason he stopped taking the ball into contact or putting shoulders into tackles....what a waste.

God I hope this means recruitment has someone on the horizon. Cause atm that pack of ours is looking pretty impotent.
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Manu to prop is the answer. We'll have our own T-Rex on the bench. A T-Rex who actually turns up every game and makes even more metres. Our team is not as far away as we think. Signing players is something that should be done anyway. Changing and improving a team is essential.

But that doesn't change the fact we can make the most out of what we already got. Lisone to debut. Manu to prop. Shaun in career best form. Hurrell already won a centre of the year award. Tomkins to bulk up. Hoffman to balance the team. Mannering in career best form.

Laumape potentially a great player. Fusitua to Folau it up. Mutts to train in a specific role. Seb looking like the mongrel needed. Mateo's inconsistency gone. Chad choosing to stay and partner up Shaun. Hopefully long term. Hookers a issue but we have options. Props like Rapira and Matagi make or break. Lillyman to rip it up again.

So we have most of the pieces of the puzzle already. We were sailing into the top 8. Then we fucked it up badly changing the team. That CAN NOT occur again. And most of all McFadden learning and growing into a class coach. That is most important of all. That will again be the key. We need a quality puppet master and he promised so much before he tinkered once too much. He learns and we should be up again. We hope.
Good news as far as I am concerned. Like many, I was very excited to see him come here, but he just hasn't lived up to his reputation/hype/potential at all.

Shame, as he could have been awesome for us. Lets Hope Hoffman is not the same and that the club use the money saved well.
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