Player Marcelo Montoya

He's had his moments here and there.

But by and large did not appeal to me much.

Didn't think we really needed any experienced depth in the outside backs when we already have Ken, Fusitua, Ratuva, Hiku, Perham, Aitken, Pompey, Berry, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck who could all cover center or wing if needed.

We can only hope that his best is yet to come and he was pretty bloody cheap.
Hoping he is like Murchie who came with no raps and improved amazingly or go back twenty years to Justin Murphy who came not highly rated.
Admittedly he’s probably not a signing to get excited about, but we’ve squeezed some use out of players in similar situations like Ayshford and Jonno Wright. I would have put Jennings in the same category as Montoya before he played for us as well.

He’s probably around the same level as Herbert, which he’s basically a straight swap for. This is where you have to trust O’Sullivans judgement which is usually pretty good.


Warriors Orange Peeler
He'll hardly get game time.
Ratuva(On potential)

Are all in front of him.
Not even sure he's a good depth signing.
But will wait & see. Ill eat my jocks(Don't wear any) if he turns out to be the man.
Top 4 players absolutely. To suggest that the bottom 4, including two youngsters who are yet to debut are 'in front' of a player who has played twice the amount of NRL as they have collectively is a stretch...