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I'm hoping the guys can hold on if the refs give us a few bad calls early on.
In the past, this has really fucked us up and we have basically given up.
The best thing about the last month is that we have stuck in there and shown some back bone during these periods. Hope we can keep it up.
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Player Agent
All bookies have the Warriors as firm favourites for this game.
Yes Manly are having a shocker of a season but they playing the Warriors the team they seem to play their best against and also it is in Perth.
Let's hope the bookies are right.
Bodenes absence is my worry. If they are thinking of using our big wingers in tandem I hope Manu plays edge as Bodene does followed up by Ken.
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They need to improvise .. by that you make do with the players they have... experiment a bit .. swap them around a bit during the game...try things out of left field .. do what u can to win. Sometimes i guess as a coach ..just read the game and throw the playbook out the window ASAP if things aint working... dont show all yr cards.. we can win this with a smart coach and captain .. but its the warriors so fingers crossed
I went with a Warriors win with the bookie but only because I want us to win so bad not because I am confident that we will win
To be seriously competing at the end of the season we need to keep winning and not limp into the finals and we so need to win this one
But Perth sucks for us and bloody Manly have so often in the past too
A one point win will do me. I don't need a hiding dealt out although it would be nice. Just a win tonight boys and break the Perth record
Here comes the rain, it could pass by but its looking ominous, they had 80mm down South
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Jordan G

I'm worried about our go forward in the opening 20. Gubb, Gavet as starting props. Afoa an unknown quantity, <Mannering and Hoffman will do their usual workload.

Just as well we've got two extra props on the wing. ;)
to be fair..

i want the warriors to man the fuck up and stand up to the grubby bullshit manly brings.

too often the warriors go in to there shells when playing manly because they are too fucking nice to push back against the fingers in the face and head locks etc.

its time for them to show some mongrol and niggle right back.

win or up against these grubby cu**s.
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Pretty average looking pack so Shaun Johnson should get ready to cop shit for going missing...I'm guessing we will get dominated through the middle and then torn apart out wide.

Then again I could be wrong.
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