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  • Warriors Eagle Hunt!

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

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  • Manly 12-

  • Manly Take Flight!

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I got home late an seen the score at 16-0 so didn't see any of the good stuff. Blocker is a tard but hes rite about Shaun Johnson drifting in an out of games why wait till the 75th minute to start running. Not that its all his fault.
We fought to the end. Showed heart. Some good footy in the conditions. Proud of them. Young guys improving. Not quite there yet but really dug deep.
Wish we chanced our arm earlier but at least we had big hearts till the bitter end.Maybe a loss but we can hold our heads high in the sheds and take lots of confidence away from that game.The future is starting to pay off with these home grown young guys stamping there mark
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Was always an L in my book - the problem with the Warriors isn't that they have a bogey team, ie Manly Sea Eagles it's that they have several bogey teams...

Warriors could have lost by 50 and the media would be ignoring us tomorrow.

Chur, SBW, doing something so stupid that the media ignore the Warriors' loss.

If we'd won I'd be less pleased.

CNK certainly looking the goods but Blocker warbling on about how he keeps Manu out of first grade? Um, wrong number. Idiot.
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