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Can someone please tell me how to win this? You see the reason I ask is that I would really just like to never have to work again, to buy myself a house so I dont have to rent, to go on holiday whenever I feel the whim, to give my family some special treats, to not have to worry about paying the bills, to get a corporate box for a game or be able to get into the corporate lounge for Warriors games, and much much more.
I read somewhere that if you are alive today and still alive in the year 3056 or something klike that then you are guranteed to win it.

Imagine doing the reserch for that
the key to winning powerball is sell your car, sell all your assets, pawnbroke your wifes' wedding ring, get a second mortgage on the house and with all that cash you go down and get all the powerball tickets you can afford. that way your bound to win it :lol: :p

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