General laurie daley s preview of round 9


just have a read of this , , . i had a little laugh .

obviously , laurie didnt watch last weeks game ???? preasure on wade mckinnon .????? .
maybe wade had to go buy the hot dogs at half time and didnt have enough money ,cause that was the only preasure that would have been on him last weekend

also in his column he picks us , yet his picks underneath says knight s.

NEWCASTLE v NEW ZEALAND at EnergyAustralia Stadium (5.30pm AEST).
Laurie's tip: Warriors
This is a tough one to pick. The Warriors were exposed last week when plenty of pressure was heaped on Wade McKinnon. Expect the Knights to follow suit and put more pressure on the back three.

Jarrod Mullen's return is a big boost for the Knights. Both sides boast huge packs which should cancel each other out. The Warriors can win, but it needs to come on the back of greater creativity with the ball. The Knights will need to wrap up the Warriors creative players if they are to have a chance.

Although Newcastle has found new resolve without Andrew Johns, I think they'll just be a bit short of points against New Zealand.

Woz: Knights
Hog: Knights
Wayne: Knights
Toby: Knights
Cornell: Warriors