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I love this boy.
I cannot believe how well he played tonight, he made like 1 or 2 errors if that, and they were late in the 2nd half.
I'm speechless.
Look out Webby, someones after your Kiwis jersey.
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What errors did he make, Kim? I didn't see any.
Well, I guess it wasnt really an error, but when he was trapped in goal with the ball, but they (Australia) would have got the ball back anyway. So I guess it doesnt really class as an error? :S

Oh and he kicked the ball out on the full :eek:
no complaints about Inu, he was good - excellent given his age and experience. He did not show much with the ball in hand, but at his first priority had to be being solid, and he did that well. Be good to see how he goes over the next few years - in the NRL as well.
I thought he had a terrific match. Hard to believe he's only played one NRL game.
The only error he made was kicking the ball out on the full. He was filthy with himself too.
Great debut - he looked cool as a cucumber out there.
It's reassuring to know we have more than one decent fullback to choose from now too.
I just hope he gets the chance to play fullback with his club. But with Luke Burt there it looks as though the Eels are grooming him to take over from Tahu at centre.
Geez if he can't move reserve grader Burt out of the number 1 then theres something wrong somewhere.
Like you said, Skins, you didn't see the game. If you had, you'd be praising Inu too.
Yeah I know and maybe you are right still thou after...two matches? Just seems a little far fetched is all.
I don't think its too early.

His international debut was outstanding for someone with so little NRL experience.

And I agree, its awesome to know we have another specialist fullback out here, so if Webby gets injured we dont need to make do with centres or wingers.
Fair call and you might be right. I'm just saying is all

I strongly recommend you get a copy of the game, ignore the result, and just watch Inu. Aside from one kick out on the full, his play was flawless, in my opinion, especially from a defensive point of view. The guy has represented New Zealand three times as a fullback, and he excelled last night. And I'm not exaggerating.
Ok, ok point taken. I'm just saying. It's not like I'm making it seem you lot are all wrong because you saw and I didn't. Just a comment!

DEEPLY religious Parramatta centre Krisnan Inu revealed after his finest first-grade performance yesterday that he is likely to quit the NRL to complete a two-year overseas Mormon mission.
The 20-year-old was outstanding in the Eels' 18-12 win at Parramatta Stadium, playing a leading hand in two of his side's three tries and deputising as goal-kicker with aplomb.
But the bright lights and adulation of being a first-grade star pale in comparison with his commitment to complete a mission as required by the Mormon tradition. According to that tradition, it is preferable for adherents to complete a mission by the age of 25, but Inu says he would rather go now and return to play before he is too old.
"Growing up in the church, church always comes first, then family, then everything else," Inu told the Herald. "I would love to serve the Lord. If I have to do the mission, I will.
"I will talk to my family and friends and make a decision. They prefer that I do the mission but they leave it up to me. They just advise me to do it before the age of 25, but for me, I would rather do it at a young age and then come back and work on my game."
Losing Inu would be a major blow to the Eels, with representative centre Timana Tahu having already signed with the Waratahs for next year and the Kiwi earmarked as an ideal replacement.
However, Inu wants fans and officials to understand that while he is a passionate league player, he was raised to have a different set of priorities. The level-headed youngster says he isn't concerned that a two-year break from first grade - just as he is on the verge of developing into a dominant figure - might debilitate his career.
"Two years is not a very long time for me," he said. "The main thing is that if I go, I will gain all the blessings. Growing up in the church, the mission was the biggest thing I had to do.
"I am grateful for the church, it has kept me level-headed and I concentrate on doing the right things."
Inu's father, Pepesuatia, is a bishop in the church and he told Krisnan on the eve of his Test debut for New Zealand this year that he would leave the decision up to his son.
Inu was at his best against the Rabbitohs in a man-of-the-match effort. He soared above Souths' defence to catch a Brett Finch bomb, then flicked the ball to captain Nathan Cayless, who stretched over for the first try after 21 minutes.

And in the second half he threw a precise cut-out pass to winger Joel Reddy, who dived over for Parramatta's final four-pointer. Inu also made a charging 40-metre break, kicked three from four goals, and spent time in the centres and fullback, where he was strong in defence, coach Michael Hagan noted later.

After the game, Inu was happy to discuss life off the field, and made the stunning revelation that he didn't know how his older brother died when Krisnan was just one.
Cheney Inu was killed in "an accident" when he was 11 years old. "To this day, I still don't know how he died, my family just told me he passed away in an accident," Krisnan said. "I don't push it any further. The best thing about it is that no one is ashamed to say we have an older brother. He is still very much part of the family."

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