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Nov 30, 2018
Mitchell Moses would've been way better. Imagine having an fired up Arab halfback running the team.
I’m trying to magine just that. But I don’t think it would work. Great withers, good stamina, but they have a habit of saying neigh instead of yay.


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Jul 13, 2014
The problem as I see it isn't with signing this kid.

It's with him getting here and his game stagnating or going backwards due to the insane conditions inside the club.


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Aug 29, 2016
KN would be a great signing, Luke’s out next year and with his body he’ll drop a few games this season as well as Roche, KN is the perfect replacement and having a Lance Hohaia type is awesome.
Last year I thought he was right up there as our best Kiwi player definitely outplayed Shaun Johnson.
Shame his brother messed up maybe we could get them both here cause he was the more gifted of the two.

Old Sid

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Nov 8, 2014
I don't see that they have any choice other than to try get Kodi.

Clearly there is no one else.

When a team is running forwards and centers in the halves . . . if it were an Aussie team, they would snap up a replacement straight away.

I don't believe in the overs suggestion, if that were even remotely true they would have thrown it at him last year in haste.

The Warriors have been patient, and unlucky at the same time. They would even be better off with Milford right now than no one.

What happens if Chanel Harris-Tavita goes down? Who will drive to Mt Smart to watch Tohu Harris and AK playing halves? or Perham? the club will look like a joke if that happens.

Like I say if this were any of the Aussie teams they would buy a patch over IMMEDIATELY

Kodi and Green would be great.

Kodi and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck as two genuine running threats would be devastating double teaming like Kodi and Shaun Johnson.

Remember when the Storm signed Ben Roberts?
Well put. Logical and easy to understand. Kinda makes sense. Now we wait...


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Jul 13, 2014
Here is the breaking news from Dobbo that set this all off. Funny how it starts off as a “done deal” but then at the end he mentions that nobody has actually spoken to anyone about it...but it will happen. Wonder how you know it will happen if nobody has talked about it!!!

Looks like the broncos have too many halfbacks and need to free up some cap space.


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Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
This could be great if Kodi comes across. Being surrounded by a new environment and a different leadership group (hopefully) will work wonders.

For everyone that considers getting Kodi + some change for Shaun Johnson is a waste, just have a look at where Shaun Johnson is now. On the sidelines. Nursing an injury. Managing niggles.
Sound familiar?

Yeah, honestly letting Shaun Johnson go was incredibly stupid as we didn’t line up a replacement. However, letting Shaun Johnson go because of the state of his body may not have been the worst call. He was beginning to break down here, it’s only gotten worse at the Sharks.

This week the situation was this according to the commentators: Shaun Johnson has a back injury which is causing tightness in the quad. By compensating for these injuries, he then tore his OTHER hamstring off the bone.

So he’s looking at 4-6 for the hamstring alone. Then consider back issues effect kicking motion, while the other issues will hamper his confidence to put the foot down and run. You’re left with a good passing game and little else. He was HORRIBLE for the Sharks in the first half last week and before he went off this week.

I think our biggest mistake was not holding onto him until we got Niko or something in the pre-season. I’m becoming more convinced that cutting ties was the right choice, just the wrong circumstances.


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Aug 26, 2017
All I can think of is that his manager has agreed to everything behind the scenes, and no clubs have been mentioned to the Bronco's, hence why they don't know.

OR.. it's all bullshit.

But I do think the Bronco's are keen on their young guns, so I think Kodi's days are numbered.
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Apr 19, 2018
What worries me is we get ourselves in a position that the Broncos currently find themselves in, where they have something like 18 players in the club and the coach all with the same manager. That's just bad business if you ask me.

Also, Peter OS son at Broncos waiting in the wings is a massive conflict of interest for mine too. Bit of worry!

Billy Teets James

Please tell me we havnt signed Kodi. Another off the bench impact hooker, oh SK can play 4 hookers now.

If he plays 6 he will take Hayze out who will sign elsewhere.

There is a reason he Broncos play him off the bench and dont want him. Cant run, cant pass, cant kick, cant tackle (from Broncos members mouths)

Just NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. 3 year deal at $100?PA better bloody be. Yay another Tevaga off the bench, SK can play 4 now.

If the do, fire the CEO, idiots.
Can't run?? All those other skills you mentioned have some truth to it. He's as fast as anyone in our team and can step with the best of them.


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Sep 4, 2016
We can't retain everyone, and truth is there are clubs who develop young talent better than us.

Based on your current position one can only assume that you'd be demanding the CEO's head if Luke/Green had a season ending injury and we hadn't signed any experienced players.
I agree we definitely dont develop our young guys, in fact we dont develop any players in the Club, 99% of the Warriors problem, outside no media or fan pressure not being based in NSW.

Luke is averaging 43 minutes this season and his 50% in FITNESS (just to clarify I dont mean fit as in recovered from surgeory), hence 3 hookers (now 4) per game. Green has been out how long? And he can quite likely reinjure that groin as they are nasty bugger injuries.

Lets not forget we are in this position due to our CEO and the clubs mismanagement of contracts AHEAD of time and then his stupidity with his Mouth, hes meant to be a CEO not a Player, ie lack of all professional integrity shot for good.

Luke doesn't have a contract extension.

When we let Johnson go, I presumed it was to free up $1m plus third parties, that WE stupidly offered him, and then stupidly didnt make him see out this season putting us in this position.

So I presumed we were going to find a 5/8th, then Chanel starts playing and makes Johnson look stupid and like hes played 100 first grade games, as did Herbert on debut.

If we sideline Chanel Harris-Tavita, he is NOT going to develop from learning from Greeny, he will go backward or get signed elsewhere.

My thoughts are we should be signing a quality (in the top 10, not the very bottom, in fact not even a 5/8th) 5/8th on 1-2 year deal with the money we let go of from Johnson and Chanel Harris-Tavita to cover Green, if we dont, we a regressing our roster, not progressing. As well as risking the 2 best halves we have likely had at the club since Stacey Jones. One being an outright 5/8th, Hayze, who is potentially streaks ahead of Johnson at the same age and definitely much bigger (in fact you dont want him growing anymore, or he will lose his speed).

This is Thomas Leuluai signing all over again.

Dont just sign people because we have money, focus on developing our young guns, thats what the good clubs do, in fact thats why Broncos are letting this mug go.

What a waste of money, unless its $100k PA to cover hooker.

We seriously look like we cant manage a piss up in a brewery the way we waste talent and mis manage players by the rest of competition and their fans. Im not going to live this signing down for 3 years. And if we lose Chanel Harris-Tavita or Hayze, I cant be loyal to a club that isnt loyal to its best talent (or any of its talent), and its best Talent is NOT SK or Georgie Porgie. Its like we put 4 coaches in to sit on their lorals and earn some cash and no different on the club management side.

And I think I could do his role as thats what I do for a living. But who would want to CEO a club that cant develop unfair amounts of talent, that we usually let go to get developed and then buy back at a premium. Stupidity, outright.

Am I pissed off? Yes, beyond explainable levels. (not at you Oz, at the clubs management and Coach)
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Sep 4, 2016
That's just bad business if you ask me.
Don't tell Ozmaverick, evidently being a CEO of a football club is rocket surgery

I agree re conflict of interest.

I would rather wait 2 years if it took it to wait for a top 5 5/8th to open up and save the money until then and then throw whatever we at them including our sink. But by then we would have developed Chanel Harris-Tavita and Hayze. durrrrrr

And lets not forget why we will be losing Luke and why we lost Johnson. Management. Hence our current position which we are looking to make worse.

They had to use talking about him and him warming up for 1/2 the highlights reel because there arent enough highlights.

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