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We think being a Warriors fan is difficult, spare a thought for those poor bloody Knights supporters.

I do feel for the Knights, but their time will come. They're just stuck in a bad salary cap cycle where they have no good players on their books.

The first 10 years of following the Black Caps we were the laughing stock of the cricketing world. But now we're actually pretty decent and success is a strange feeling.
*Sings* Adventure time, come bring your friends ...

Full time. NZ Warriors V Knights. 50-14 to NZ Warriors final score.

Go NZ Warriors !!! :)
36 points...

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Yay. Love feeling like this after a warriors game. I really hope they can keep this up, bully and hoffmesiter both said they know the team can be better and keep improving, team focus now should be on keeping the right attitude and focusing on week to week.

If we show up with the attitude we had this and last week, we'll choke the chooks by a 20+ point difference

Congrats to my man Fusi for a great game, really cementing his spot there for mine. Also damn you really noticed a difference in the spark of our attack when Shaun Johnson went off with the cork, hope its nothing to worry about.

Great job by the boys keeping the knights scoreless in that 2nd half, a few of their players were looking a bit dangerous in the first half.
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Ayshford was a damn good buy. Shaun Johnson --> Blake --> David great combination out there.

Assuming Manu is out.. Will Ken finally get a run out there? Surely we won't get stuck with Wright again?

Lisone definitely showed what he was capable of in the 2nd half after a rubbish first stint.

Loved that we didn't let the classic soft try in at the end.. Vete looking for a hit and tommy v Levi at the end. Pauli Pauli went to get involved and one look into Tommys eyes had him putting his own team mate in a head lock lol
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