Gameday < 2021 Knights vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 1, 2020]

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Way to much optimism on here for no reason. Knights will trash us plus I think its not so much about us I reckon thier just a top 4 team this year.
Yeah we could lose .

But this game has got some interesting things going on
We may get to see Jamayne Tounua-Brown Katoa ,King ,play
An there is lots of opportunity so they should be motivated
We get to see how Egan plays
Fusitua , Herbert swap
Chanel Harris-Tavita starting huge call by SK
Kodi can he bring it off the bench

Definitely an interesting game
Big win today could put us first just like last years big win vs the bulldogs... Look how that turned out. However go the Wuckin Warriors all in because I'm a sucker for punishment.
Big win today and if season is suspended, we could be top of table lol.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Is the big junior winger people were talking about playing ISP today? Unsure his name.


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ATG needs to be in the top 30. He has size, can run, has been on for the entire first half and has great tackling wrestling technique .
If they release a player to another NRL club or ESL can they bring him in?
Ale looks strong too
.Berry having a tough debut
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