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just got home from work took a long sabbatical from posting maybe I will go back to one. Maybe a tenner at the TAB for the spoon would be a good result.What trash is this.
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I would add Nikorima to that, he ws a dud buy.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck needs a playmaker and the Warriors dont have one so he has to do it.. and if he cant step anyone hes not making plays unfortunately. So yeah they might have to move on from him

Kodi was deff a terrible buy especially considering the circumstances. We had lino who was better and cheaper. We had Shaun Johnson who could have been a warrior for life but scapegoat for everything wrong with us.
The broncos didnt want to keep Kodi even though he saud he woukd have stayed for $150k lol


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
most disapointing thing about this game for me, was the lack of smarts on the pitch, or in the box. they dont seem to know when to move it sideways, there seems to be no direction coming from the box to give them any ideas.
honestly imo, the knights look crap as well. the warriors look worse, so much worse
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