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You are right this is a waste of money. Years of watching sport tells me the next campaign might learn from this review and act on it. But chances are we will see another failed campaign years from now and the need for another review. Sports organisations are like governments they like reviews and reports to be commissioned.
I got to thinking less cynically and wondered whether somebody has thought that Castle might be another Jim Doyle and has given her the chance to look at the joint and make her suggestions about what she would do.

She is after all a born and bred league fan, her father was a Kiwi captain, so she must have some interest in turning the game around.

Somehow I don't think they can afford her full time, she was even touted for the NRL job which takes me back to Plan A and WTF they are wasting money on her now.
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A lot depends on the terms of the Review. Management often have conditions that don't give out the key to the skeleton closet.
They do, and they are paying the bill. That is the standard review IME, cover everybody's arse. Maybe I am a dreamer but I hope they actually land Raelene Castle to take over. Go on break my heart and tell me I am dreaming.:(
Realistically what happened
Players unavailable

J Bromwich, K Proctor ,Jason T ,D Fisitua ,Harris ,
Not selected cause out of form Luke, Foran ,Matalino ,
Probably left some out
International Rookie halves Te Maire Martin ,Levi ,

Rookie coach DK
Budget fark all,Advertising absolute shit ,
Media liaison rubbish .Social media amateurish
I can see why they need to get someone in to tell them what went wrong .
They havnt got eyes or a brain .
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Culture is largely based on genetic selection affected by geography. It is a massive subject to study. Language is an expression of culture as well.

Also from the Herald today:
League: Raelene Castle named on panel to review Kiwis Rugby League World Cup failure
The Kiwis are calling on experience to conduct an independent review of their underachieving 2017 Rugby League World Cup campaign.

Former Canterbury Bulldogs chief executive Raelene Castle, and international sports barrister Tim Castle - no relation - have been appointed on an independent panel to find out what went wrong for the Kiwis, who were dumped out of the World Cup by Fiji in the quarterfinals.

"We were all disappointed with the Kiwis' performance and need to understand what went wrong," said NZRL chairman Reon Edwards.

"A thorough independent review is essential if we're to get it right for the next World Cup."

"We completely understand how the New Zealand League community, including players and coaches, feel about this World Cup performance by our Kiwis team.

"We all want our team to be successful and we need to ensure we do and have everything we need to achieve what we all desperately want – to be best in the world."

One of the issues broached by the review will be whether to retain the coaching eligibility rule which means the Kiwis coach must be a New Zealander.

The review will also cover the following.

Kiwis campaign preparation and performance for RLWC17 including, but not limited to, the following:

•Preparations and planning for RLWC17;
•Resources committed to the campaign both human & financial;
•Leadership and capability;
•Coach selection policy;
•Player selection policies;
•Management of player culture and welfare;
•Tournament logistics;
•Game plans, implementation and evaluation;
•RLIF and RLWC17 local organising committee rules and regulations.
The findings will be released by February or March.

How thoughtful. They are broke, couldn't afford to sack the muppet coach when they needed to, stayed at a Marae to save money so now they are paying people to tell them what went wrong. The answer is simple, they are all a bunch of muppets, no need to spend money to ascertain that.
Yes Raelene was so successful at the Dogs, so I suppose she has all the credentials to know what a complete cluster fuck is
If the men played with half as much passion as these girls at the moment we would have gone a lot further........... Putting aussies under heaps of pressure.
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Hope we get Bennett as coach

Given he sounded almost surprised by the Origin like contest in the final I wonder if he himself thinks he could wring a bit more out of a full strength Kiwis side.

My hunch is he rates the Kangaroos players particularly the Storm three but doesn't rate Meninga at all and he'd like to get one over him in some way.

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