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On a serious note there was a major scare at Sydney airport when the Aussie team and press arrived home. Apparently they thought there was an emergency when the whining carried on after the aircraft engines were turned off.
I would personally have the test series under the Great Britain banner though with England being an A side like they were in the past and playing against Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy in a 6 Nations/European Shield comp. Yes we will more than likely walk it but it gives the guys in the other sides the chance to test themselves somewhat on the International stage and push for a possible GB spot to face the Kiwis.

As much as I hate how the Aussies try to rule the game and always state S.O.O as the pinnacle (it is IMO) I would love an Ashes series every 3/4 years against them with tests against you guys in-between.
I miss the Lions.
Everyone wants the Roos to tour hey. That has been their power.

The Ashes were epic in their time. So much has been lost.
seeing so many aussie pundits and journos going on and on about how many of their stars were missing…

not a mention of the players nz was missing at all,


Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

and Leuluai in the final…

All of those blokes are either definites or possibles for our top 17, plenty have been regulars of the Kiwi test team or guys who were well and truly in the frame until injury.

having said that… the fellas we picked played outstandingly well.

Let's not forget that Adam Blair was also missing for most of the series.
Not getting into the who should be picked and who should be dropped - just relishing the victory for now.

The team should only ever be picked on form. And interesting points re: Blair have been made - does anyone think his form will drop now he's going to the Broncos and playing under Bennett and Kearney... I'd argue it could get better (Blair's form)...

We know we'll have others pushing for spots - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Hurrell etc etc etc.

The other cool thing is there are 5 kiwis named in the potential young guns to watch in the NRL in 2015 on - and some of them appear freakish...

Key ones:
Jeremy Hawkins from the raiders - junior kiwi so eligiblity should be sorted, and plays centre age 21
Nelson Asofa-Solomon from the Storm - 18 yrs old, 198 cms, 112 kgs... grass roots in rugby in Wellington...
Addin Fonua-Blake - 18 yr old prop at the dragons, was pretty good in the junior kiwis win, 188cms, 116 kgs
Sam Lisone - warriors
Manaia Cherrington - Tigers, another hooker (it's great to see we have a couple coming through). Junior Kiwis captain.

So not only do we have a really good side currently, with a lot of players out... we also have some potential guns coming through the ranks...

Great spot for the kiwis rugby league to be in.
Just watching the replay of the kiwis v england game. man the english are really sharp passers and play with really good shape. you can see that their forwards are really ball playing forwards. next years 3 match series is gonna be a ripper.
I was not a fan of this new direction Kearney was going when he named the ANZAC test team, thought he was nuts at the time, then I saw him leave out some pretty decent players for this 4 Nations team again I thought we were gonners. But I see now that attitude more than 'talent' is what he was after. I suspect our WC team was quite an arrogant lot and maybe we had some ring leaders that didn't endear themselves to the coaching staff. I look at this team and I see a team of grafters, honest, willing workers with a couple of superstars to guide them around. I saw how focused the kiwis were, even when Shaun Johnson was getting smashed off the ball, when he was bundled out of touch and 'roughed' up by Jennings, he got up and seemed already thinking about the next play. The aussies on the other hand looked frustrated right throughout the game, getting angry, pushing and shoving, getting drawn into the grind. It was glorious to watch. We obviously believed in coaches game plan. Thanks team for leaving an amazing last taste of RL for the year 2014. Now I just need to get a copy of both games so I can watch it over the holidays hehe :)
I've watched the Final more than a half dozen times....and the opener V Aus twice that number.
Enjoyed your post.
The arrogance thing i wondered about too.....but from the point of view......that the WC team were so full of themselves that they took all those pills thinking we'll be sweet for the morning.

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