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yeah read about this on the tvnz site. dam shame kidwell was in some good form too.


It never ceases to amaze me how they go through week after week of the toughest contact sort and then the simplest thing happens at home and they're gone. That's terrible news for Kidwell and Souths. He's really brought some stiffness to the centre of their ruck.


I remember when John Simon was in outstanding form for the Steelers back about 12 years ago, he had an accident in the showers after a game and almost severed his big toe.....

Anyways, who is going to lead the Kiwis now? The only name i come up with Roy Asotasi.

Joe 90_old

Big loss to the Kiwi's no doubt. While we'll be able to find a capable replacement we wont be able to replace the leadership or passion for the Kiwi jersey he has. Hope his daughters okay.


Tbh, I have no clue who will lead us, my mind was set on Kidwell!
Roy, Webby?


Oh, what a bugger! Such an unfortunate and freakish accident. Hopefully we can find a capable replacement and it doesn't affect us too much though it does make things tough for both the Kiwis and Rabbitohs.


I wonder if he was drunk when he fell over his daughter.

He was play wrestling with his daughter, and as he tried to avoid landing a knee on her as she moved about, his foot got caught under something and twisted backwards. Then there was a loud crack. Ouch.

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