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Whoever we have lined up, do they start now (if not coaching) or do we go with Morgan for the rest of the season?
Why would anyone want Justin Morgan? Did you not watch his defensive coaching just now???
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Done with Hiku, I don’t why I expected him to learn basic defensive concepts over the offseason. Hopefully the Broncos will take him in a swap deal.

I’m giving Fusitua another chance. I think a lot of the blown defensive coverages on his side were more the fault of Hiku and Nikorima. He needs to show some urgency this week or he’s gone aswell. Sick of his half arse efforts in recent weeks.
I've been pretty pissed off with our defence, especially Hiku but after watching last weeks game and seeing our whole edge jamming in I thought it cant be a coincedence so I did some asking around and sure enough, Justin Morgan is our defensive coach. Didnt work in 2016 or with the Kiwis. I'll give his rushing umbrella till Blueys round...
That defensive line has just stopped working whatsoever.....its embarresingly bad.....Kodi and Sironen just both stood dead then, and there's no push from the inside at all......pathetic.
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Justin Morgan is the third and final option.
Heyzeuss spare me!!!

Justin Morgan is a self promoter, tells everybody, especially the journos what a good coach he is and how he would fix it.

Just look at our defence, we have the highest number of tackles in the whole comp. That comes down to losing possession and having points laid on you...AND not scoring enough yourself.

So is it the number of tackles that is the whole problem?...and who is at fault?

Our missed tackles is even better than the Storm FFS!!! So actual tackling isn't the problem.

It is probably lack of cohesion, confidence and lack of points that is adding up to yesterday's performance.

That comes back to the head coach.

If Gould rates Brown, then it could be he is taking time to get the team to gel and have confidence in each other.

I remember one season when the Broncos didn't do well. The knives were out, so who got the sack, not Bennett, he sacked most of his assistants!!! That sorted it.

It is not coincidence that SK seems very popular and successful as an assistant, which again comes back to the head coach being able to get good assistants.

NRL: From unwanted to invaluable - How young Warriors star Josh Curran turned the corner​

Warriors back rower Josh Curran is the definitive late bloomer, and proof that sometimes patience is best with young players.

From being barely sighted over the last two seasons, Curran is becoming one of the club's most important players.

He was outstanding in Sunday's 24-10 win over the Bulldogs, continuing a series of impressive performances from the 22-year-old.

It's quite a turnaround.

Curran arrived at Mt Smart midway through 2019, amid little fanfare, after playing one NRL game for the Roosters. He had two interchange appearances under Stephen Kearney but failed to kick on last season.

Despite all the issues with squad depth in 2020, interim coach Todd Payten only used Curran three times, all off the bench.

He was at the crossroads.

But some timely words from coach Nathan Brown in January, both sweet and sour, together with his own realisation that things needed to change, have provided a breakthrough.

"Brownie sat me down and told me what he wants out of me," Curran told the Herald. "He said that he believes in me. He told me to go out each week and be the player I want to be. And that's what I try to do."

Brown was also firm.

Curran, who was a fullback in his school days, had obvious talent and athleticism, but needed to improve his discipline, fitness and work rate if he wanted to go places.

He has been a revelation. Until April, Curran had never started an NRL game, nor scored a try.

Now he's an ever present. He's averaging 81 running metres and 40 tackles a game, chipping in with three tries and five try assists.

"He is a natural footballer," said assistant coach Justin Morgan. "He has worked really hard on parts of his game that he needs to improve. What is really evident, not only in games but in training is how competitive he is."

Curran is an uncomplicated type.

He is satisfied with his ongoing progress and admitted that Sunday's match was "a lot of fun", as he ran for 175 metres (20 carries) and topped the tackle count (43). But he is quick to reset.

"I take each week as it comes," said Curran. "What happened last week and on Sunday, it will be the past tomorrow. I'm focussing on next weekend now. I want to try and be the best player on the field and leave everything out there."

But Curran has a steely desire, illustrated when he was thrown into isolation for two weeks in July, after being on the same plane as a Covid-19 infected flight attendant.

It was a curve ball – especially as he was alone – but Curran turned it into a positive.

"He had that little bit of adversity being in quarantine," said Morgan.

"[But] he worked really hard on his condition, as hard as you can work. He got a treadmill delivered to his room and came back and landed on his feet."

Like the rest of his team, Curran is unfazed around yet another move, after their relocation to the Gold Coast last month.

"We have been on the road for the last two years," said Curran. "It is something we are used to. Just pack up your bags and adjust to it."
Currently on a three game winning run – their first such streak since early 2018 - the Warriors are in a good space.

"We are playing for each other," said Curran. "We believe in each other, we know we have a good side and we know we can go far."
How far remains to be seen, but Curran isn't bothering with finals permutations.

"I haven't even looked at it," said Curran. "We are taking it game by game and will wait to see what happens. We know every game is pretty much our season, but we don't talk about it. We just go into each game with a clear focus on who we are playing."

Cheers mate I was happily reading a good article here until I saw the words,
assistant coach "Justin Morgan".
My biggest recruitment wish would be that we have a new Strength and Conditioning coach as well as defensive coach (bye bye J Morgs). Our injury toll or misinterpretations of injuries and recovery times as well defence has been horrendous all season.
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Justin Morgan interview

I found this comment interesting at 28:00:

[asking about DWZ starting at centre in the trial]

Morgan: … and obviously with Reecey not there for the first couple of weeks we’ll need to find ourselves a centre.

is that an indication that they’re looking to Berry will play fullback for the first two rounds? I guess we’ll see who subs in for Walsh tonight.