General Junior Warriors v Knights


Players whoa re scared to make tackles and put their body on the line don't make it to the NRL. I hope Johnson is just adjusting and will come to realise this as he gets more comfortable with the extra weight/his maturing body but based purely on defense he's not even Toyota Cup level. Don't remember seeing anybody so scared to make contact or get themselves in a position to tackle.

Henry has been terrible. I swear his outside men don't even know when the kick is coming and he never waits until the last either. Absolutely shocking.

Bristow isn't a centre, he's slower than Covell.


True, our defense around the ruck is very lazy. Give some credit to the Knights attack too, plenty of good skill.

Good try to us now.


How many to go? 20? 30? Hopefully we can surge back in front.

Also, does the NYC have two referees, too?


I'm not watching the game, just looking at stats on NRL.COM.

How is it our front line prop Laban has 3 runs for 32 metres in 60 mins of football? Did one of his legs fall off and he hopped 32 metres? That would explain it, maybe.

How's Mika going for the Knights?


What a smart arse the referee is.

"Look at me Elijah... Yes I'm serious , bro."

What a c*nt.

Magic Stick_old

Laban is a passenger

Con Mika and Josh Ailaomai are doing the damage,getting good go forward for the knights


Ailaomai was in the same Welly team with Laban that won the NPC 18s last year. Looks like the Warriors picked up the wrong kid. Ailomai's still 17 too. Mika could be anything but could also turn into another Faliga Faliga.