Player Jordan Pinnock

kiwi's 13-6

handy signing for forward depth in lower grades & possible development in future. From highlights looks like a angry workhorse on attack with a bit of an attacking game running good lines trailing the ball carrier for offloads, Defence looks solid with a bit of sting in the tackle... good on Warriors for thinking outside there usual for a change, all the best to this guy hope to see Red bearded West Coaster make it in NRL 1st grade in the future...
Just read this guy's Bio, he is only turning 20 in January, if my in head maths are correct.

I am not getting overly excited yet but this may be an astute buy for the future. He is big, fast, has coordination and explosive strength as evidenced by his being finalist in 100 & 200 metres. Also good at discus and shotput.

He has been in Australian development systems, will not be on much money, he is a Coaster so probably doesn't feel pain.

Rangas are useful, when they get angry, and they will get angry, they go all Braveheart.

Well done Recruitment, it shows they are looking outside the square for talent. 2017 probably too early for him as a Prop, but lets see.


Thanks for the bump bro. Forgot all about this guy. Did he play at all?

I saw him play only a handful of Holden Cup games this year and wasn't that impressed tbh, he's the big lumbering type who can make a few yards but he looked unfit and has a lot too learn about the game, some of the slowest play the balls I've seen ...


You could make yourself a sandwich in the time it would take for him to play the ball, can't see this one coming back to bite us.
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What was the name of the red haired prop who signed with us a couple of years back? People were picking him to be captain at the time.
The West Coaster with a You Tube clip of his hit ups in lower grades? Who picked him as captain?