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Sep 1, 2015
I liked him.

Team was a mess.

Thought he continued the tradition Dean Bell aging fighter covering for the inherent lazyness and stupidity of team mates...a role last played by Simon Mannering.

Your turns coming Shaun Johnson....Run to the for your liiiiife....
A trifle harsh. You don't need more than one dud in a team to be behind the eight ball in this competition. Cliff Beverley in particular got pilloried by Hugh McGahan I remember but Cliff had a full time job as a sales rep and was happily playing Fox and minding his own business when the club came calling. I think it was early in the season as well. By then the club was paying the price for the mismanagement at the top from 1994 onwards. This present club is an entirely different animal.


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May 24, 2013
The game we thrashed the Knights 44-0 or something similar in 1999, John Simon was captain, he was sensational that day.

I happen to remember that game well. Another wet one of course. Last game of the season though. Nigel Vagana looked like a champion. I remember not believing the half-time score. John Simon brought an excellent kicking game and some organisation. He wasn't well-known for her running game in the first place. I think some people didn't realize that. I felt we got good value from him for what he brought.

Those early Aussies came when the standard here was still way lower than what they were used to. I felt after that game, that we were on the brink of a break-through season and we'd start winning premierships at will. Little did I know I'd go on to have that feeling another 15 or so years in a row.

But from my perspective, Simon was good, quiet guy, very humble. His kicking game was one of the best.
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