Player Jazz Tevaga

This from Fox NRL, maybe he wants more time at five-eighth..

WWOS’ The Mole reported Warriors utility Jazz Tevaga is the latest player on the Trent Barrett’s radar.

The 25-year-old has scored five tries in 77 games for the Warriors since his debut in 2016 and is off-contract at the end of the 2021 season.

Tevaga’s versatility could be invaluable to the Bullodgs as he can cover every forward position including hooker and can also play five-eighth and centre.

Tevaga has been offered a two-year deal to stay at the Warriors, but the Bulldogs could have more money to bring to the table as they are in the process of a player clean-out.
That article is so inaccurate. Its missing wing and fullback.
Hope he stays.
Followed him since lower grades, always loved what he was about, his workrate, toughness, mongrel whatever you want to call it. Call me old school but I love a player with a bit of mongrel. Always hate to see young guys with promise leave but, as with Ice, its probably best for Jazz.

He'll sign elsewhere, go to another level in a consistent position, and then we'll moan our arses off about it.

Come to think of it, hope he goes...
We Love Tevaga but the place place isn't going to fall down if he left.
It will probably do his career good to move to another club, in turn allow us to target a specialist hooker up and coming or star🤞.
Not fussed either way, but I don't think he's doing himself any favours by playing this out in the media and openly stating he's only looking for fairness... that by default suggests that he thinks the Warriors offer is somewhat unfair. Career limiting maybe... and likely a one way ticket or a large portion of humble pie...?
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Interesting that it seems jazz will be the backup hooker if he stays but he's trying to push Kodi into that role. Its like nobody wants that utility tag. I think he will leave tbh. Because Kodi really wants to just be a half. And jazz just wants to be a lock. And we can't have both not wanting to help out at 9.
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Hi Warriors fams, new commenter, current Warriors member and supporter since 95. Just adding my 2 pingas lol imo I’d rather Tevaga go to another club to get out of his comfort zone if it means we bring in a better half, hooker or player. Just feel he’s taken a spot that we could fill with better players or jnrs
Fantastic work

so fucking great man. hats off to the social media person.

never understood some of the hate on here for the bro jazz. absolute epitome of a warrior. he’d be the captain and playing 80 at 13 in a couple years if it were up to me. no more penalties and errors than most everyone else in the team, gives 110% week in week out though which is more than we can say for the other 16.

happy 100th killer.
get ‘em!